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How To Choose The Right Insurance Product For You


Most people who I read about who advocates financial literacy recommends that before investing, one should first secure protection by getting an insurance. The reason behind it is that in the event that something happens to us while we are building our wealth, insurance will help cover up the costs of an untimely death and […]


Is Green Stickman A Scammer Or Not?

scam legit

There has been a lot of noise circulating recently in the investing community about a certain Gayward Mendoza who calls himself the “Green Stickman.” The issue is about his stocks mentoring program that offers insanely high fees. Who Is The Green Stickman Anyway? Green Stickman is about a guy who advocates financial literacy through his […]


How To Save Money By Doing The 52-Week Money Challenge


One day, I came across TGFI’s facebook video post about the 52-week money challenge. This reminded me of a similar saving technique I read in a blog post by Kuripot Pinay almost a year ago. I didn’t pay attention to this money challenge because I’ve been doing my own 10-20-70 money-saving strategy ever since I started this […]