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The Top 3 Blogging Tools You Need To Run A Successful Blog

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Back in December 2017, I wrote a post about the things I learned about investing and that includes blogging. After writing that post, a number of people responded and asked me about how I built my blog from scratch. Well, this is the day… My first blogging-related post in a value investing blog. Anyway, the common question […]


San Miguel Pure Foods Up By 30% But Still Undervalued


I started buying San Miguel Food And Beverage Inc. ‘FB’ (formerly San Miguel PureFoods Inc. ‘PF’) last November 2017 after I saw their disclosure about the share swap deal with SMC and GSMI. After careful analysis of the deal, I immediately knew that this may turn out into something big. This post will discuss the investment idea […]


12 Undervalued Stocks That Pass The Graham Number And How You Can Profit From It


If you read the book the Intelligent Investor, then I guess you’re already familiar with Chapter 14: Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor, where he discussed his famous “Graham number”. You’ve probably realized that if you follow the criteria of the Defensive Investor, you’ll not find many stocks that’ll pass the screening. We can, however, tweak this […]