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Stock Picks for the week (Feb 11-15, 2019) by First Metro Securities

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What Type Of Income Are You Working For?

type of income

What I learned from Robert Kiyosaki is that to become financially free, we should first know what type of income are we working for. According to him, there are three types of income;​Ordinary earned income (job, self-employed businesses)​Portfolio income (paper assets, dividends, interests)Passive income (income-generating assets, auto-pilot businesses)But it seems like most people only know […]


How To Choose The Right Insurance Product For You


Most people who I read about who advocates financial literacy recommends that before investing, one should first secure protection by getting an insurance. The reason behind it is that in the event that something happens to us while we are building our wealth, insurance will help cover up the costs of an untimely death and […]


How To Save Money By Doing The 52-Week Money Challenge


One day, I came across TGFI’s facebook video post about the 52-week money challenge. This reminded me of a similar saving technique I read in a blog post by Kuripot Pinay almost a year ago. I didn’t pay attention to this money challenge because I’ve been doing my own 10-20-70 money-saving strategy ever since I started this […]


3 Simple Steps To Achieve Financial Intelligence


Back in 2001, I remember a schoolmate of mine who introduced me in Multi-Level Marketing business or MLM. It was the very first time that I heard of such system that makes people rich despite of not having a good educational background. There I saw jeepney drivers, maids, former employees, janitors, and all sorts of […]