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Stock Picks for the week (Sept 10-14, 2018) by First Metro Securities

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Is Green Stickman A Scammer Or Not?

scam legit

There has been a lot of noise circulating recently in the investing community about a certain Gayward Mendoza who calls himself the “Green Stickman.” The issue is about his stocks mentoring program that offers insanely high fees. Who Is The Green Stickman Anyway? Green Stickman is about a guy who advocates financial literacy through his […]


How To Survive In Market Crashes

market crash

As of this writing, the PSEi is now down at 6,284 points. If you’ll ask me how my portfolio is doing, I’m now at a 23.85% loss. If you’ll ask me how I feel, I feel excited. Excited because I can now buy some of the expensive stocks that I wasn’t able to buy last […]


Truly Rich Club Mutual Fund: What Funds To Buy?

truly rich club

I received a stock alert by Truly Rich Club yesterday informing me to buy four mutual funds that are being recommended because of the global financial market’s decline. As you know, global markets went down these past few days and mutual funds aren’t any exception. These are the Truly Rich Club’s mutual fund picks; Philequity […]


CEB Stock Review: Is CEB Really An Attractive Investment?

cebu pacific air

I was looking at Truly Rich Club’s SAM Table and the one stock I noticed that looks very attractive to purchase is CEB (Cebu Pacific Air). ​As of this writing, CEB’s buy below price is 124.80 Pesos and its closing price is 84.60 Pesos. A quick look at these figures suggests an undervalued company considering the […]


All You Need To Know About Truly Rich Club

truly rich club

After reading so much about the Truly Rich Club, I decided to give it a try. I joined last September 21, 2015 and I thought of doing an honest review about the club. If you heard about Truly Rich Club and you want to learn more about it, then this post is what you’re looking for. I’ll discuss […]