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Stock Picks for the week (Feb 11-15, 2019) by First Metro Securities

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How To Calculate The Average Price In A Stock Portfolio


One way to reduce your paper losses in the stock market is to lower your average price per share or simply to do cost averaging down. Here’s a simple illustration on how I reduced my losses by averaging down my average price per share. See the screenshots below;Fig. 1 Portfolio screenshot beforeThis is my MEG’s average […]


How To Value A Stock Using EPS, P/E Ratio And EBITDA

financial statements

If you want to value a stock’s price, there’s an easy way to do that without having to find a lot of data in the Internet. This time, all the data that we’ll need can be found at COL Financial’s database. The data that we will be needing is the current share price, EPS (earnings […]


How To Invest In Mutual Funds Using COL Fund Source

col financial

For most people, investing in mutual funds is a better choice because these people don’t want the hassle of monitoring and making active decisions on their investments. Instead, they trust a fund manager to do all of this stuff. While it gives us the freedom to do other things that matter most, investing directly on […]


How To Determine Financial Health

financial statements

Have you ever thought what will happen to the Philippine economy if the euro debt crisis of Greece isn’t resolved? What if Greece defaulted? What would be the possible effect on our economy? What about the stock market bubble at China? Will it directly affect us? What if a great depression like what happened in […]


How To Buy And Sell Stocks Online Using COL Financial

col financial

I’ve just activated my account at COL Financial today. I received my login details and now I’m ready to buy my first company. Unfortunately, I’m still not decided on which company would I buy first. I’ve been busy on work last week and I haven’t had the chance to review the financial statements of the […]


How To Determine A Stock’s Initial Rate Of Return?

warren buffett

To answer this question, you now enter the mind of the most successful investor in the world, Warren Buffett. These past few days, I see a lot of first-time investors like me asking these type of questions on Facebook forums that somewhat goes like this; In my opinion, as first-time investors, we should learn to […]