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The nice thing about investing in stocks is meeting like-minded and awesome people along the way! Let's hear what they have to say!

The Investing Engineer PH

A lot of people want to invest in stocks like me but I find it difficult to start. The good thing is that there are people who are willing to share their knowledge in stock investing like Mark. Thank you brother! I hope that you can help a lot more people who are willing to learn in the stock market.
Jason S. , from San Miguel, Bulacan
I have stumbled upon many similar sites like this one (even paid ones), but I have not seen a site that is as comprehensive and as detailed in its analysis of companies. The contents are laid out very well and it is easy to understand. Kudos to Mark for creating a really awesome blog. Keep it up!
Heston C. , from Abu Dhabi, UAE
I wasn’t confident to choose stocks before as I don’t have much knowledge about the background, capital, leaders, and the current value of the stocks if they are undervalued or overpriced, etc. The Investing Engineer is my guide on which stocks to choose for long-term investment. More power to you. Hoping that you will help and guide more people! Have a blast!
Mary Claire , Trader and Investor
The Investing Engineer PH is one of the websites about stocks that changed the way how I think about investing. The site provides a lot of information and great ideas. I’m still a newbie but because of The Investing Engineer PH, it helped me to truly understand how to make money from stocks. Thank you so much The Investing Engineer PH! Bookmark this site because it will really help you in your investing decisions.
Anthony B. , from Bocaue, Bulacan
99 % of Filipinos are afraid and less informed on how to invest in the stock market. Thanks to this blog of Engr. Mark of the The Investing Engineer PH for sharing his strategies and analysis of stocks for free and for not hesitating to answer all private messages and explaining the complex valuation techniques into its simplest form. It helps a lot especially to newbies like me. Hoping for your greater success. More power and may God bless you and your family.
Engr. Jeff , from Doha, Qatar
My German teacher once said that Filipinos should be the richest people in the world because we have all the skills, natural resources and a very strong & young labor force. The problem is, we lack the knowledge on financial matters like investing and saving not only for ourselves and family but also in providing jobs to our fellow Filipinos. Financial literacy isn’t taught in schools that’s why I would like to thank you Sir Mark. You’re making a huge impact not only to me but also to anyone who’s just new in stocks.
Jaret M. , from Sydney, Australia
Engaging in stocks requires knowledge and continuous learning. The Investing Engineer PH gives insights about stocks and trading in layman’s terms. No need to ‘read between the lines’. It is one of the sites I regularly check for stock and trading info.
Engr. Jan , Electrical Officer
Sir Mark’s stock analysis guides first time investors like us in choosing what stocks to buy and the reason behind it. His insight serves as one of my references when it comes to my investment decisions. Definitely a must read site if you’re new to stock investing!
Enrik V. , Government Employee
I was looking for references/articles regarding long-term and value investing especially focusing on Philippine stocks but failed many times. But when I learned about this site, I found out this is what I am looking for. This site will teach you how to evaluate businesses/stocks in its simplest form. This will definitely build my confidence on picking the right stocks on my long-term goals. Kudos to Engr. Mark for all the efforts you put into this blog and sharing your knowledge without expecting any returns. Keep up the good work and more evaluations to come. God bless you and your family.
Engr. Jonas M. , from Dubai, UAE
Although I haven’t seen Mr. MARK GERARD SALVADOR in person, I have learned a lot from him. First, I want to learn how to invest but I’m confused. But after I sought his advice, it opened up a whole new set of thinking and I learned a lot of value investing strategies from him. I’m so blessed that I met him even though it’s just in a social networking site. More power to you Mr. Mark Salvador!
Jonathan C. , from Brunei
Although he learned blogging in his own pace, he’s still humble and approachable as he was when he was starting out his blog. I’ve been following Mark’s blog since his 1st blog post and up to now being a Technician, it’s still valuable and worth reading to me. I also started out as a Fundamentalist and The Investing Engineer PH had been my guiding light. Mark is not only helping and sharing valuation about a stock but also a “GIVER”. God bless Bro! Thank you for the guidance and helping without expecting in return. Keep the passion burning and inspiring others.
Philipp L. , from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Investing Engineer will help you achieve your goals in your investment journey. The stock reviews are great and excellent. Everything is being discussed in great details. This page has complete research of selected stocks being posted. I’m glad to recommend this to everyone specially for new investors of Philippine Stock Market. More power to your page Sir.
Kenneth M.
One of the few people I look up to on the Internet is Mark. I met him through this blog ‘The Investing Engineer PH’ some time ago. I reached out to him because I was impressed by the way he delivers his content and if there’s one word to describe it, it’s ‘value’. He delivers great value to his readership by providing timely stock reviews backed up with detailed analysis and reports that help stock investors make informed investment decisions. With this blog, I can skip doing this tedious process of valuations on my own. Keep it up Mark!
Aldwin Z. , AldwinZalameda.com
The Investing Engineer PH gives you powerful information in order to come up with an informed decision on whether or not a particular stock is worth your hard-earned money. I gravitate with Engineer Mark’s insights because he approaches the topics with a pre-determined, clear, careful, concise, and methodical way using fundamental analysis. I appreciate his efforts because he (1) eliminates leg-work of getting the pertinent financial information, and (2) provides critical insights on what the number means – without being to high-brow or elitist. So hooray for Investing Engineer PH! More power!
Reggie M. , from Paranaque City
The Investing Engineer is an excellent resource for financial literacy. The blog is a great read for those who are just starting on their road to financial independence and want to explore different options. Mark has a real talent for explaining complicated things very thoroughly, and making concepts that seem daunting very understandable.
Tami L. , Coins.ph
The Investing Engineer Blog is the best investor’s blog I have stumbled upon. Simply put, In today’s society where everyone in stocks wants to be labeled as a “trader” rather than “investor”, Mark explains and reminds us the true meaning of investing. Specifically, value investing. The principle in which the world’s greatest investor Warren Buffett made his fortunes. His valuations are always well written and on point. His detailed analysis and explanation of companies are easy to understand. I wish you continued success in your blog and all of your endeavors! Cheers!
Alex A.
This guy is really awesome. We were batch mates in college and both experienced the ups and downs of studying while having fun ?. I Never realized that someday, this guy will create something like this hehehe. Keep it up Badong! thanks for this site!
Marwin C. , from Singapore
Every stock review of the Investingengineer.com is a good read. It gives the reader/investor the needed fundamental information that has been proven and used by great investors like Ben Graham, Warren Buffett, Peter Lynch, etc. Where can you find such data driven analysis with logical opinion combined in a free blog? All these with the efforts of our Investing Engineer friend Mark. Thank you, more power and God Bless always!
Anthony S. , from Batangas City
The Investing Engineer deliver and offers a fresh look into value investing. Traditional and widely used methods (charting) do not present any value to prospecting investors. Determining a company’s capability to deliver consistent earnings are always being evaluated by this engineer. Always look forward for his next write-up.
Mark Y. , Gurufocus.com Contributor
The reviews on each stock is comprehensive and very helpful to people who are looking for good stocks to invest. The concept of fundamental analysis is explained with utter simplicity in his free e-book. I am really learning a lot with every blog posts. Massive thanks to The Investing Engineer, may your tribe increase tenfold! Kudos!
Milen D. , from Japan
I should have started investing when I got my first job, but I guess, better late than never. I’m beginning to think it that way after reading your blog. Thank you sir Mark for imparting your thoughts to us. I’m gaining a lot of insights from you. Thank you for making arduous statements simple. I hope one day, though it may be impossible as it seems, Filipinos can all be financially literate and this one’s a good start.
Ice P.
Sir Mark has been responsive and helpful regarding my queries. Also, his E-Book was insightful and it gave me a better grasp of stock valuation. Thank you Sir!
Galvin C.
The Investing Engineer by Sir Mark has been a great fountain of resources for newbie investor like me. He presents each topic in such a way that everyone easily understands. He is very responsive to questions and requested topics and have helped me a lot in my stock investing. Thank you very much Sir Mark and more power on your blogs.
Cernan C.
Thank you for the useful article you’re posting. I’m just a newbie in investing stock market that’s why I’m reading references that will hone my skills and do investing in a right manner. I like your articles reviewing financial/ fundamental aspects of a company for long-term investor. I also want to learn how to read, analyze and understand well the financial aspects and other fundamental factors to be considered in buying shares of a company…
Please continue posting and hoping one day, I can do this also to encourage my friends and family members. Thank you and keep it up!
I used to buy “blue chip” stocks based on intuition. (yes, blue chips only for lesser risks). Thanks to Mark, the Investing Engineer, I now choose stocks with more confidence because of his valuable tips with historical data. I have earned substantially and will continue to invest in stocks. We all have dreams of financial stability. With the right investment tools (with minimal risks), we definitely can. I look forward to reading your blogs and recommendations. More power and be blessed!
Therese B. , from Bacolod City
Thanks Sir Mark for sharing the company valuation reports as a value investor. I learned a lot from you, especially how to compute intrinsic value and company financial status.
Dondon S.
This blog is a jewel of all stock market blogs out there as it is very rare to find a blog that talks about valuations of companies and tutorials of how to valuate a company. Time and time again, value investing is one of the most resilient strategy for investing in the Stock market. I thank Mark for his passion in investing and his generosity to share his learning. His desire to share to his kababayans an integrous approach to investing that will lead them to obtain to financial freedom is noteworthy. In a nation and economy filled with uncertainty, this blog endeavors to bring each reader to find peace in investing and allow their money to work for them.
Cyrell S. , from Iligan City
Mark from the Investing Engineer is the real deal! Whether I’m reading his posts, newsletter, his investing guide, or a personal email response, Mark is always thorough and friendly. You can tell that Mark cares about helping people and he goes the extra mile to provide simple and effective value investing insight for all levels of investors. Thanks for being an inspiration Mark!
Grant Gigliotti , BtmaStockAnalyzer.com
Hi Investing Engineer! I would just like to thank you for all the reviews you’ve made. Please know that us newbies really appreciate what you do! Coming into the stock market, I dabbled into charting and technical analysis and had fun with it, but after much reading, I found out that the real key to investing is to have a solid foundation in terms of Fundamental Analysis (thanks to books about Warren Buffet). That is why I would just like to say thank you and more power to you!
Carlos A. , Stock Market Trader & Investor
THE BEST!!! Investing Engineer is very knowledgeable and passionate in what he does. BIG help!!! He actually replies to messages and share his expertise! May you to continue to be blessed and be a blessing to us!
Cristina A. , Model
The Investing Engineer PH teaches Value Investing strategies in the Philippine stock market in a way that is easy to understand. I consider Sir Mark to be one of the most talented and genuine mentor I’ve met – his passion in investing and helping newbie investors is amazing! Thank you Sir Mark! I hope that you will not change your attitude.
Giralden F. , OFW Nurse, Qatar

Thank you for showing some love and support! 🙂