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investing engineer ph

The investing Engineer PH is one of the most active blog in the Philippines that focus on smart investing using a common sense investing philosophy known as Value Investing. Currently, the blog has a growing list of 3,000+ active subscribers and a Facebook page of 5,000+ followers.

The investing Engineer PH has been online since 2015 and has become one of the most popular blog about Stock Investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

Since launch, you can see that the blog averages at 30,000 views and 20,000 unique visitors a month.

Stats from April 2016 to February 2018 (March 2018 current).

One of the purpose of the blog is to reach out to more aspiring investors to help them invest intelligently and of course, to give back something into the Philippine investing community!

How Can You Submit A Guest Post?

The Investing Engineer PH accepts articles written on a local or an international setting. Accepted topics includes Personal Finance, Stocks, Forex, Mutual Funds, Insurance, Entrepreneurship, Small Business Ideas or anything related to investing and financial freedom. I also accept topics about investing legitimately in Digital Currencies especially Bitcoins.

We only focus on quality articles that adds value to the readers. That being said, a word count of 1,200 should be the absolute minimum for guest writers​.

Articles should include featured images at 220x220 px in size and at least one in-content related image with a maximum of 1200x630 px in size.

Links and call-to-actions should not be self-promotional and please.. no spammy and affiliate links. Links to your blog posts or social media profiles are allowed provided you are only allowed for up to three links and is subject for approval.

Content should also be unique. Copied content is not allowed. Also, by submitting a post to The Investing Engineer PH, you give us copyright ownership of the post.​

Author description would be written below the content so make sure you also include it too. You can submit the article in MS Word format together with the photos.​

We would be glad if you can send me an e-mail regarding your inquiries so that we can further discuss it from there and talk about other possible opportunities.​ Send your inquiries to

You can also reach us through our contact form.