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At The Investing Engineer PH blog, I do my best to determine the estimated value of a stock using different principles. I follow many methods used by Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett and many other famous value investors with proven valuation methods.

I see many investors that simply buy shares of stock from companies they have no knowledge about. They don't know its true worth and worst, they don't add a margin of safety in their buy decisions.

In my opinion, that's not a very smart decision to make.

I believe that to increase your chances of success, you must determine the estimated intrinsic value of the stock and when you do, you should apply a margin of safety to make room for errors. Buying at this price I believe, will reduce your risks and give you better profits in the long run.

Why do I believe this? Because this strategy works!

In this blog, I'm eager to help you do this so that you can become a better long-term investor. That's why I always do my best to provide value completely for FREE to anyone, especially my subscribers.

To that end, I hope you enjoy your stay in my blog! You can visit my blog archives to browse and find the content you need.

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Mark, The Investing Engineer PH

  • Liza says:

    Thank u for accepting me in your club hope I will learn more on how to invest in stockmarket.God bless!

  • Amalia Menta says:

    I Did also. Im from France, and it did not stop me from investing in Phil stocks while living in France. I learn how it goes everyday by self study. I am busy also to do my work but I put time to learn by you tube videos, reading blogs like this. Its very useful. If we do not educate ourselves on stock market, we should not start at all. I thank investor engineer Mark for his dedication to teach us all. He teaches us how to find treasures. Thanks from us here in France.

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