About Me

Hi, I'm MARK.

I'm an Engineer by profession, a serial entrepreneur, finance blogger, digital marketer and a stock market value investor. I constantly build my wealth by investing in the stock market and doing Internet businesses while keeping may day job alive.

I'm the typical go-lucky guy that you would normally see shirtless along the side of the street drinking 'ginmansi' and cat-calling any ladies that pass by (joking).

I’m also a guy who loves to hang-out, eat, sleep, fight crime and uphold the law all day. Sometimes, I think that I'm Iron Man (joking again).

I love riding motorcycles. I love the sound of a 4-cylinder engine - makes me want to eargasm everytime I hear my motorcycle screaming on the highways.

I play drums and I love Metallica and Dream Theater music. My drum heroes are Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Lars Ulrich, Mike Mangini - or anyone who knows how to do jazz and progressive metal grooves.

I like cats too and I love my pets to sleep beside me.

I love to watch documentaries, financial stuff, theoretical physics - mostly anything that's scientific and above the ordinary knowledge.

I'm friendly too especially with the women. :)

I launched the InvestingEngineer.com in June 2015 as an online diary of some sort. I initially planned it as my online space where I can dump my thoughts and experiences about my journey to financial freedom. I was inspired to write about my journey when I read Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests In The Stock Market book.

As the months passed, the blog gained followers and subscribers when I started posting articles about the stock market.

After years of blogging, I got burned out. I don't know why but it just happened...

So one day, I decided to turn this blog into a money making website that generates 5-figures every month.

And I succeeded!

My goal is to make this website my ultimate 6-figure passive income stream - and eventually, a 7-figure online business! (I may have to edit this post once I hit those numbers.)

Nowadays, I continue to invest in stocks with the guidance of the Truly Rich Club and make money using the Internet to help my loved ones live an abundant life.

My wish is that one day, I will be able to truly escape the rat race and be financially free.