Who is the Investing Engineer?


I'm Mark and I'm the owner of this fantastic blog!

I work as an Electrical Engineer by day in an electrical construction company. I'm also an online entrepreneur and a passionate Stock Market Investor!

I'm the typical go-lucky guy that you would normally see shirtless along the side of the street drinking beer and cat-calling any ladies that pass by...

A guy who loves to hang-out, eat, sleep, fight crime and uphold the law all day.

No,... I'm not that kind of person. Seriously!... I'm just kidding.

What Is The Blog All About

I launched The Investing Engineer PH in June 2015 as an online diary of some sort. I initially planned it as my online space where I can dump my thoughts and experiences about my journey to financial freedom. I was inspired to write about my journey when I read Bo Sanchez' My Maid Invests In The Stock Market book.

As the months passed, the blog gained followers and subscribers when I started posting my personal insights about stocks.

Nowadays, the blog is all about guiding anyone who wants to invest in the Philippine Stock Market.

What Others Say About Me

The nice thing about investing in stocks is meeting like-minded and awesome people along the way! Let's hear what they have to say about me.

Mark from the Investing Engineer is the real deal! Whether I’m reading his posts, newsletter, his investing guide, or a personal email response, Mark is always thorough and friendly. You can tell that Mark cares about helping people and he goes the extra mile to provide simple and effective value investing insight for all levels of investors. Thanks for being an inspiration Mark!

"Mark from the Investing Engineer is the real deal!"

Grant Gigliotti - http://btmastockanalyzer.com/

The Investing Engineer is an excellent resource for financial literacy. The blog is a great read for those who are just starting on their road to financial independence and want to explore different options. Mark has a real talent for explaining complicated things very thoroughly, and making concepts that seem daunting very understandable.

"The Investing Engineer is an excellent resource for financial literacy."

Tami Lim Ledesma

THE BEST!!! Investing Engineer is very knowledgeable and passionate in what he does. BIG help!!! He actually replies to messages and share his expertise! May you to continue to be blessed and be a blessing to us!


Cristina Araneta


I must admit that I'm a late bloomer.

You know those kids who started investing at the age of 9? Or those kids who are taught to be entrepreneurs at age 13?

Well, I'm not that kind of kid.

One of my dreams when I was young was to become a scientist. I thought that being a scientist was the coolest person to be. So I tinkered with chemicals, mixing unknown liquids I found in the kitchen, toilet and our garage. My childhood is just crazy!

I had fun playing with electricity. I remember doing those crazy experiments with a compass and electromagnets. As a young kid, I would disassemble my toys to get those tiny electric motors called a dynamo. I wire them up and connect those batteries to make a tiny electric fan. Sometimes, I would make boats made up of styrofoam and I use the dynamo as its engine. I do a lot of crazy stuff in the name of science and curiosity.

The craziest thing I did is when I directly plugged a dynamo in an electrical socket. It exploded right in front of my face. Crazy it is!

As I was growing up, I already knew what I want to become; to be an Electrical Engineer!

In college, my parents trained me to think that being an Engineer and working abroad will make me rich. I adapted this mindset and studied hard.


When my family’s business was greatly affected by the Asian Financial Crisis, I was forced to stop my college education in 2002 due to financial constraints.

I was forced to work for undergraduate jobs. I looked for ways to make money through selling stuff. I also joined multi-level marketing and networking business opportunities. If there's money to be made, I'll be deeply interested. Network marketing taught me an important lesson in life, that's to never quit. But still, life's hard back then.

During those times, I thought that I would never finish my studies.

I felt depressed and my self-esteem dropped. I thought my dream to become an engineer will never come true.

Luckily, my kind aunt offered to sponsor my remaining college education. That I'm very thankful for!

Fast forward to this day, I’m now a Registered Electrical Engineer.

Striving for financial independence was always my goal ever since I started working. But I found out that it’s easier said than done. I made serious money but all was spent on nothing.

I thought that if I become an engineer, I can get a nice high paying job to support all of the things I needed in my life. That was the plan. But no matter what job and salary I get into, I still live paycheck to paycheck and couldn’t make myself richer.

Now why is that?

I searched for answers...

How I Started My Financial Journey

It all started one sunny day on the first quarter of 2015.

While searching for opportunities and tips on how to build wealth and make money online, I found the answer to my lifelong question.

The answer came from an e-book "My Maid Invests In The Stock Market... And Why You Should Too" by Bro. Bo Sanchez.

In that book, I realized that I’ve made so many mistakes in my financial life.

The next day, my mindset changed. That new found wisdom jump started my thirst and hunger for financial literacy. I searched everything; every blog, every article, every book and filled myself with knowledge.

I started from the basic and slowly advanced to the more technical reading materials about the stock market.

It is during this time that I learned about Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, Peter Lynch and a lot more investing gurus. I studied their strategies and their philosophies by reading articles and books written about them.

One day, I decided that it’s time to apply all the information I read about stocks. I opened an account and bought my first stock.

That day, I felt proud of myself because I’m now a stock market investor!

The feeling is so good. I literally feel that I now own the company I bought shares with.

Never Stop Learning

Before I started, I don’t have any idea how to invest in stocks. No one taught me what to do and I had to figure this out on my own. But after reading a lot of books and watching video tutorials, I learned to invest based on my own analysis. I applied long-term investing principles and adapted the right investing mindset.

Luckily, I managed to make a 20% return in my first year. That's when I realized that a value-based long-term strategy really pays off.

What I Am Now Today

Bo Sanchez' story about his maid is my ultimate inspiration why I started this blog. I want to teach this new found wisdom to people who are just like me when I was in the "dark" times of financial illiteracy.

Nowadays, I continue to invest in stocks using the principles I mastered. I openly share this knowledge to my blog readers. My wish is that one day, all those people I helped invest in stocks will be able to escape the rat race and be financially free.

When I'm not looking into my portfolio or reading books and all sorts of stuff about the stock market, I ride motorcycles. I love sport bikes! I also love to watch movies and documentaries all day in my spare time. If you find value in the posts I make in this blog, please kindly share them with your family and friends.

Spread the word and be financially literate.

To your success,

Mark, The Investing Engineer

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