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TOP Recommended Investment Resources

This page contains information materials and some of the tools I use in my investment activities to get efficient results.

​I have personally used all the products and services on this page and I'm sincerely recommending this to all of you.

If you click on some of these links and purchase a product or service on the corresponding website, I will earn a commission. This is one of the main ways I make money from my blog to continue my passion of financial education.

Please don’t spend your hard-earned money on the products and services I recommend below unless you think that it will help you achieve your financial goals.

Thank you for checking out the products and services that I recommend! I appreciate your support and I hope you do well in your investing journey!

Brokers And Exchanges


col financial

COL Financial is one of the leading stock broker in the Philippines that advocates financial literacy. I recommend this broker because this is what I use and I haven't encountered any problems with their services.

COL gives a lot of value by providing market insights, research reports, an extensive knowledge center for new investors and free stock market seminars.

Create your 7-day trial account to get a glimpse of COL's services.​


This is the broker that I use. Besides the Major FX pairs, you can also trade CFDs (Contract For Differences), and Cryprocurrencies. 


Bitcoin is one of the hottest digital technologies out there and Coins just brought it here in the Philippines! This is the best Bitcoin wallet because they constantly improve their services and offer lots of ways to pay your electric bills, insurance, tuition fees and a lot more using Bitcoin. The best part, if you sign up and become a verified user, we both get a bonus of 50 pesos!


With CEX.IO, you can buy Bitcoins using your credit or debit card. You can also trade on margin.

If you're good at trading, you'll definitely enjoy CEX.IO's services.



This is another cryptocurrency exchange website that I recommend. The interface is easy to navigate and it also hosts lots of coins that you can trade anytime.

Investment Advisory Services


PinoyInvestor gives you INTELLIGENT stock analysis, reports, recommendations from the real experts who have been profiting in the stock market for over 100++ years! This service saves you a lot of time in analyzing stocks. The reports are simple and easy to understand. Best of all, it's FREE!

PinoyInvestor also provides this stock market knowledge base known as the PinoyInvestor Academy.

It contains introductory lessons about Fundamental and Technical Analysis perfect for first time investors.

As a FREE member, you can access all of the resources and FREE stock recommendations anytime inside the PinoyInvestor membership area.

PinoyInvestor offers premium subscriptions. If you're satisfied with the FREE membership and you want to get the best value experience, you may opt to try the 1-month premium access for only P699 per month. You can also take advantage of the 1-year premium access for only P4,799 per year (equivalent to only PHP 399.00 per month).

By subscribing to PinoyInvestor's premium services, you'll never have to struggle analyzing fundamentals and technical charts. You'll no longer waste time finding what stocks to buy and which ones to sell. You'll no longer depend on "Facebook Analysis" and "Tanong Analysis". And lastly, you'll never have to worry making bad investment decisions. With PinoyInvestor's guidance, you'll learn how to become a smart investor.

Keep in mind that you can always stay as a FREE member but you'll not be allowed to get access to the premium benefits especially the Stock Rankings with target prices and buy/sell/hold recommendations which is the most important part.

I like PinoyInvestor because it gives me lots of information and hastens my investing decisions.

Try out PinoyInvestor and see for yourself!


truly rich club
After years of helping people grow financially, I realized it's more important to change financial mindsets than just merely increasing financial literacy. Why? Because a person can be very wise in money matters, but if he has a poverty mindset, nothing much will happen.​ - Bo Sanchez

Truly Rich Club is founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez and teaches members how to invest in stocks by using a strategy called "Strategic Averaging Method". On top of that, you'll also receive Monthly Stock Alerts, Stock Updates and Wealth Strategies to guide you in your investing decisions.

Truly Rich Club also conducts Quick Start Plus Seminars wherein you'll get to learn more about the Strategic Averaging Method of stock investing.

I like the Truly Rich Club because it feeds me the right mindset and gives me actionable items not only in investing but also in entrepreneurship, business and personal development.

I've compiled the official events that Truly Rich Club offers. I recommend to check them out when it's available.

I also strongly recommend that you download and read the e-book, "My Maid Invests In The Stock Market... And Why You Should Too!" so that you may better understand how Truly Rich Club can help you achieve your financial goals.

The Truly Rich Club subscription starts at P497 per month (GOLD Membership). But if you'll pay the annual membership you'll only pay P4,771.20. You get to save 20%!

If you're open to the possibility of being personally mentored by Bro. Bo, then join the Truly Rich Club today!


If you love fiddling with charts and numbers, then this site is the perfect solution for you. This site offers a lot of features that a quant would love. Not only does it work for stocks, but also for forex and commodities trading. Sign-up and try it today.

Personal Finance And Investing Books


Building Wealth With Stocks e-book will teach you all that is needed to know about the stock market in general. This e-book is intended for those who are interested in investing for the first time.

Note: I constantly update this page for new valuable resources so be sure to bookmark this page to get easy access.

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