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How Did Bo Sanchez’ Maid Became Successful In The Stock Market?

Ms. Gina, Bo's maid in TRC Wealth Summit 2013. (Image credits to Sha Nacino of

When I read TRC's Stock Update last April 7, 2016 just recently, it became clearer how his maid, Gina, became successful. The secret on how she built her Php 800,000+ stock portfolio is that she's increased her investments from Php 2,000 to Php 7,000 a month in a span of six years.

This also the reason why she became famous and an inspiration within the Truly Rich Club.

When I think about it, she must have been a high-salaried maid to invest such amount but apparently, she's not. She started as a maid when she was just around 18 years old high school graduate from Dumaguete and later became Bo's bookkeeper.

Here's the short story.

According to Bro. Bo, Gina wanted to really study college. So she enrolled in a correspondence school with his help so that she could work as his maid and study at the same time. It was this time that she started investing on stocks at Php 2,000 a month.

After she graduated four years later, she was hired by Bo himself to become his Bookkeeper. When she got hired for the new position, she now started to receive a higher salary and with that, she started investing more.

At first, it was just around P2,000 pesos. Then she increased it to P4,000 pesos... then P5,000 pesos... Now, she's already capable of investing P7,000 pesos a month.

Not only that, every time she receives her mid-year and Christmas bonuses, she invests it all.. And she did it consistently. No wonder she amassed that kind of wealth in just six years. That's two bonuses received in a year, and all goes to her stock investments.

Most people can't do it because a lot of us think the opposite. More money means more expenses. For her, more money means more investments.

I realized that if she can do it, then there's no reason why I can't.

Gina Is Truly An Inspiration

It really inspires me when I think about Gina. It inspires me and challenges me to the point that I now wanted to surpass what she's achieved. If she's investing Php 7,000 a month, I need to at least invest Php 8,000 - 10,000 a month to be able to surpass her portfolio in the least amount of time.

With my present salary, I can't do that because of bills and other liabilities. So to invest more money, I need to increase my monthly income so that I wouldn't have to sacrifice my quality of life. To do that I can do two things;

  1. Resign from my present job and look for a higher paying job, or;
  2. Look for ways to earn passive income

With these two options, I think I will choose #2. I'm just not ready to resign and I'm happy at what I do at my present job. So what I did is that I used my downtime to look for passive income opportunities and that's what I've been doing for the last month. The reason I chose to go this route is because of time freedom.

I don't want to spend my whole life working and I don't want to spend stressing myself in managing businesses that are not on autopilot.

By having a steady stream of passive income, I can use that money to invest more on stocks to build a massive portfolio without ever needing to find a high paying job.

Invest More To Retire Early

The lesson I learned is this; to become successful in the least amount of time possible, you need to increase the amount you're investing. To do that, you need to increase your income fast!

You can be financially free by just saving Php 2,000 a month but that will happen maybe twenty to thirty years from now.

But if you invest 5x more, then maybe and  just maybe, you can retire within ten to fifteen years from now. The bottom line is this; the sooner you invest more, the faster you'll retire financially free.

So the next time I receive a large bonus, overtime salary or when I get a salary increase, I'll think of Gina as my inspiration.

Your Action Plan

Now how about you? Just like Bro. Bo's final question in the Stock Update, I want you to think of the answers in the following questions below;

  • check
    What do you do in your salary in case it increases?
  • check
    What do you do with your bonuses?
  • check
    What do you do with your sales commissions?
  • check
    What do you do with your profit-sharing incentives?
  • check
    What do you do with your unexpected monetary gifts?

What that said, I hope you now possess the wisdom to the right answers to these questions so that you may obtain success just like Gina the Maid did.


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    • That’s great! You first need to open a broker account. To know what stocks to buy, you can either get expert advice from the Truly Rich Club or you can do it on your own but will require a lot of time dedicated for learning.

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    I want to know how to invest in stock market

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  • Hi all readers! Please read this if you want to invest in stocks:

    1) Open a broker account. I recommend COL Financial for that. You need to submit the needed requirements and deposit an initial 5K pesos to fund your account to enable you to buy your stocks.

    Instructions on how to open and fund your account can be found here below.


    2) For stock advice, you can join TRC and apply the Strategic Averaging Method strategy. More about it can be found in this review post I made about TRC.


    For questions, you can send your inquiries in my contact page below.


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    • Hello Ceasare Mae,

      Yes it’s perfectly ok because you can open accounts online. To do that please contact any customer relations officer of COL Financial to assist you with that. Funding of your stockbroker account can be done through BDO, BPI etc. For stock tips, get TRC for stress-free investing.

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