All You Need To Know About Truly Rich Club (UPDATED 2020!)


October 1, 2015

truly rich club review

Welcome to my Truly Rich Club review.

There are many misconception that comes with this club. This is why I put up this review to explain how everything actually works inside.

What is Truly Rich Club all about?

Is Truly Rich Club a scam that hides behind a legitimate business model?

Will the wealth building strategies inside the club work for you?

You’ll find out later.

There may be so many questions you want to ask right now, and that is why I have put together this review.

But before we go any further into things, I want you to know that I am an active member of the club since September 2015.

This will be a long and comprehensive review of Truly Rich Club so feel free to skip over to the information you are looking for.

With that said, let’s begin.


Truly Rich Club is a place where happy and good people gather to become financially and spiritually rich. It was founded by Bro. Bo Sanchez with the vision to educate and empower people in growing their wealth through the Stock Market.

Inside the club, he generously shares the strategies he mastered in Stock Market Investing and equips members to apply them wisely. He has helped a lot of people reach their dreams by mentoring and guiding them. He has taught thousands of people how to be financially and spiritually abundant at the same time.

I decided to join because I want to learn the RICH mindset and was hoping that the club would open my mind and teach me about it.

I paid for a Gold membership using my debit card. Joining is easy if you have a credit or debit card.

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s inside the dashboard.

See What’s Inside The Truly Rich Club

truly rich club

You can see right there all of the available downloads that you can get. That includes the Powertalks, Stock Alerts, Stock Updates, Wealth Strategies, E-books and other miscellaneous audio, video and reports.

I’ve downloaded the videos and some of the reports and found it to be very educational. Bro. Bo is very successful on transforming complicated topics like stock market investing into something very enjoyable to read unlike some of the articles in the internet that contains a lot of jargons.


Here’s how it works;

When you subscribe, you’ll get access to the Truly Rich Club’s SAM Table. This is where the recommended stocks to buy and sell are listed. The SAM Table consists of the Stock List, Current Price, Buy Below Price,Target Price, Expected Growth and Action To Take.

In the image below, you can see a preview of the SAM table. The SAM contains the neatest reference guide on what companies to invest. The buy below prices are almost similar to COL Financial but not entirely.

sam table

There are five rules that you should know when using this strategy.

  • Rule # 1: Invest small and slowly.
  • Rule # 2: Buy at Buy Below prices.
  • Rule # 3: Stop buying when prices go beyond the Buy Below price.
  • Rule # 4: Wait for the Target Price. Sell when the Target Price is hit.
  • Rule # 5: Reinvest to other SAM stocks.

Now listen, this is important. The true value of the SAM table is best represented on the Stock Alerts. Here’s a sample of a Stock Alert.

truly rich club

I find the Stock Alerts the most valuable part of the Truly Rich Club because it tells you exactly what to do with your investments. Without this, the SAM Table is just any other free stock picks table out there with little to no value at all.

I read about many members who follow these stock alerts and they profited from it by just following these tips.

When a stock goes out of favor, TRC also release these alerts and instructs members what to do to prevent further losses.

If you’re just starting out investing, being a member of TRC will definitely give you a head start. This is a much better advise rather than following someone else’s Facebook HOT TIPS.

To a seasoned trader or investor, I think these stock alerts are irrelevant anymore considering the skill sets of the most highly sophisticated investors and traders out there.

Definitely, these stock tips caters to those newbies or to those people who don’t have the time and resources analyzing stocks everyday.


On top of this, Bro. Bo sends his Stock Updates monthly newsletter where you’ll find a summary of how the market and the stocks in the SAM Table performed. You’ll also find other relevant news and updates regarding the Philippine Markets.

The information found in these newsletters are so simple that even a 7-yr. old kid would understand. This is really perfect for people who don’t want too much complications.

Here’s an example of an excerpt of the newsletter. In here, Bro. Bo explains why SAM is better than Peso Cost Averaging.

truly rich club stock updatestruly rich club stock updates

Here’s another one explaining why the stock market went down and explains why it happened and gives tips on what to do about it.

truly rich club

This is almost similar to COL Financial’s COLing The Shots report. The only difference is that it is much easier to understand.

I like how Bro. Bo and Mike Vinas give their insights about the stock market. So basically, for people who aren’t into technicality, this is a much better read.

The information needed is all in there including the SAM tables and insights about the companies in it.


Besides the SAM Table, Stock Alerts and Stock Updates, TRC gives its members a Term Life Insurance worth ₱100,000.


truly rich club insuranceterm life insurance


The PowerTalks and Success Mentors audios and videos are the best learning materials that will change your POOR mindset into the RICH mindset. It is in here that Bro. Bo shares his wisdom to give you guidance in many aspects of your life like relationships, health, entrepreneurship, spiritual guidance, investing and a lot more.

The video materials are recorded in a low quality format. It’s pixelized as shown in the screenshot below but the sound is loud and clear.

truly rich club review

The reason maybe is that lower video quality lowers the file size so it’s easier to download. I think the videos are optimized for mobile viewing. They are educational and will teach you to start thinking wealthy. I agree that it’s the first step to be truly rich.

I just hope that they also provide HD quality downloads of the video files.

Nevertheless, the important thing is that once you get the habit of listening to Bo’s advice through his PowerTalks, it will slowly change your negative thought patterns into a positive action-driven mindset.


The Wealth Strategies are mini reports that teaches you on how to do other things that will keep money flowing into your life.

truly rich club

They are articles about mind setting and teaches members how to be entrepreneurs. They are fun to read and gives you motivation to start being wealthy. This is perfect for those people who really don’t have a rich mindset and wanted to change that.

These reports will make you change the way you think about earning money. If you are someone who earns a lot of money but saves nothing at the end of the month, then these reports might give you an idea on how to start being an entrepreneur.


God Whisper e-mails are also being sent to me regularly. It keeps me in check of my spiritual life and it feels like God is directly talking to my spiritual self.

truly rich club review


Affiliate Marketing is one of the many ways that you can make money in the Internet. By being a member, we became affiliates of the club and one of the best things about it is that we can earn by just referring people who like you, wants to be financially free but don’t know where to start.

This is an optional thing to do. Nevertheless, I tried it.

Just after eight days, I made my first affiliate sale. I promoted my affiliate link on my social media accounts and in this blog. I got a few clicks and one of them became a paid member. I find it fun to invest and earn passive income at the same time.

truly rich club

If my affiliate continues to pay the membership month after month, I get 20% commission out of it. Ain’t it nice to have passive income?

Now imagine, if you become a TRC affiliate and managed to get a dozen affiliates under your name?

Now you’re smiling.

If done with the right internet marketing skills and paid/free social media advertising, an affiliate can earn large amounts of passive income like what this sample affiliate has done.

truly rich club

Truly Rich Club sample affiliate earnings


Let me tell you a story…

When I started out investing, I made sure I get to learn new things about it everyday. Once I learned something new, I immediately took action and started asking questions later on. Being too overly pessimistic will only prevent you from achieving success.

The reality is that no matter how beautifully crafted a program or service is, it really comes down to the PERSON who’s taking action towards success.

I’m a regular member of Truly Rich Club and I find it rewarding. Truly Rich Club is not just about investing in stocks. There’s a deeper value into it that not all members and non-members realize. I always read back the past issues of all of the newsletters and watch the inspiring Power Talks and Success Mentors Collection every time I have a spare time to manage. Overtime, that has become a habit of mine.

As time passed, I realized that the lessons imparted by Bro. Bo through the club transformed me and deeply inspired me to better myself financially. That inspiration has led me to start this blog that focuses on wealth building through long-term stock investing using value-based approach techniques.

I use the SAM Table and Stock Alerts as a guide and combine it with the wisdom I learned through self-mentoring. Today, I’m now confident making investment decisions myself. But this will not stop me from being a Truly Rich Club member. I would continue to be a member because of the real value it gives to the people who really want to change themselves financially and spiritually.

To build wealth in the stock market, you need three things; MONEY, TIME and STRATEGY. Most of us don’t have the money, so we are taught how to save. Most of us don’t have the time, so we are taught to start early. Most of us don’t have the right strategy, so in the end we lose a lot of money. Now who wants to lose money? Do you? Of course not!

To minimize this risk, this is where the Truly Rich Club can step in. Truly Rich Club will help you achieve your goals in every step of the way!


Think about this, if you can spend ₱497 pesos to dine out with friends, watch a movie or do anything that satisfies your short-term wants, then what prevents you from spending ₱497 pesos that will benefit your long-term wealth building goals?

For some people, ₱497 pesos is a lot to spend. But that might bring out the positive in you and change the course of your life. And you’ll never know unless you try.

Overall, Truly Rich Club provides true value for your ₱497.00. This is almost the same amount I spend in a month buying prepaid cellphone load or two movie tickets when I go out with my girlfriend. It’s really cheap and the value you get inside the club is tremendously powerful.

If you think you can’t afford the ₱497.00 monthly subscription, it might also mean that you are also not ready to invest in the stock market. In stocks, you need to have ₱2,000 to ₱5,000 consistent monthly investments. The more you invest the better. The monthly subscription is a very small amount if you’ll give it much thought.

If you can’t afford it, then it would be better to make it a priority first to increase your monthly cash flow because in stocks, you need to have capital. You need to have money consistently being invested. YOU DO NOT NEED TRULY RICH CLUB AT THIS POINT.

But if ₱497 to you sounds cheap, have a stable source of income where you can allocate at least 20% in investments, want a system that can pick the right stocks for you and have a strong desire to be financially free, then TRULY RICH CLUB IS JUST RIGHT FOR YOU!


Did you know that Truly Rich Club gave me the inspiration to write this blog? Because I want to let people know that every person can be WEALTHY… and it only takes a proper mindset to fuel that desire.

Truly Rich Club taught me that mindset. It has empowered me to not only to consistently invest in the Stock Market, but also to be spiritually abundant as well.

Through the valuable step-by-step guidance of the club, I’m now closer to my dream of enjoying time and financial freedom. It changed my life for the better.

If you are still worried of you and your family’s financial future, then I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join the Truly Rich Club. This is a place where similar people with the same mindset gather, learn and grow together.

To grab this opportunity, use my affiliate link by clicking the button below.

Take note that if you join using my affiliate link, I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase.

I recommend Truly Rich Club not because of the small commission that I’ll make but because of the real value it has that can help you in your stock investing journey. I’m greatly satisfied with the value that Truly Rich Club is providing me and that’s the reason why I want to share it to you.

Please don’t spend your hard-earned money on these services unless you think you really need the guidance of Truly Rich Club to achieve your financial goals.

As a regular member who have tried it, I want you to experience the blessings of being a Gold Member in Truly Rich Club. If you don’t find the materials inspiring and helpful, then simply email Bro. Bo and he’ll return your money within a 30-day period. No questions asked.

Try it out today and see for yourself.. and you’ll discover how to change your financial future the “Truly Rich” way.

This concludes my Truly Rich Club review.

If you have any questions or if you have trouble signing up, leave your comments below  and I’ll gladly assist you the best I could.


Truly Rich Club made a lot of changes in the website navigation and content. Here’s what’s new inside the club:

  • Content is now more organized thanks to the new navigation dashboard. The Power Talks, Wealth Strategies, Stock Updates and SAM Table now have their own navigation panels. It’s much easier and convenient now to find the content you want to watch or read.
  • There are new content available like the “My Courses” where you can watch a series of video trainings about financial management categorized as Silver and Gold trainings.
  • There’s also a new weekly content called “Gold Calls” . These Gold Calls are conducted live once or twice a week by Bo and can be replayed later on. It tackles about everything about stocks, business, financial management and motivational talks. You can also ask Bo questions anything about the Truly Rich Club live. Bo also invites his mentors in these videos to give financial and business advice to the members. This adds huge value in the membership.
  • Membership payment has changed. There are no more monthly and semi-annual membership. The annual membership now costs ₱5,964/year. The membership includes a 2 months free bonus. This equates to ₱426/month or approximately ₱15/day. There’s also membership payment for 2 years and 3 years.
  • For affiliates who wants to promote Truly Rich Club, there’s a new option where you can cash out your earnings anytime. Affiliate information is now easier and less confusing to navigate.

Overall, the new website looks modern now. It’s easier and more enjoyable to navigate. Current members will find the site enjoyable.

See some of the screenshots of the members dashboard below.

truly rich club

Truly Rich Club’s new member’s dashboard. Red arrow points to the SAM table

truly rich club

Truly Rich Club SAM table

Truly Rich Club Power Talks

truly rich club

Truly Rich Club Stock Updates

truly rich club

Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategies

Truly Rich Club Wealth Strategies

With the new design and content, I can really say that Truly Rich Club is working so hard to provide the most value so that old and new members will exceed their expectations.

Join Truly Rich Club and start changing your financial life today.

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  2. Hi,

    I’m actually interested in joining the Truly Rich Club. I’ve read good reviews online. But after discovering that perhaps all the reviewers online are under the commission program of Mr. Sanchez’ Truly Rich Club — I’ve become reluctant to join realizing that these reviews may potentially be “biased” in favor of receiving commission from internet marketing.

    While I do not want to think that this program is a “Scam” — I just want to share that it makes it incredibly difficult for readers to believe the authenticity of a review if it has an outrageously large click-me like button (e.g JOIN TRULY RICH CLUB) and if the content of your review has extreme similarities to other reviews found online (e.g same pros and cons, same format, same wording)

    I understand that your intention of sharing Mr. Sanchez’ program may be good. However, if this review (and if all the other reviews online as well) were written in an unbiased and objective point of view, it would be easy for me to subscribe. But unfortunately, it makes me think twice on whether I should invest in Mr. Sanchez’ program because each review I read reminds me of how similar it is to multi level marketing scams.

    Again, I am still interested interested in joining. It’s just that I hope that I may still find other unbiased reviews out there, if there are any.

    1. Hi thank you for your honest thoughts. While it’s true that we are paid commissions through affiliate marketing, one of the other big reason I promote TRC is because of its INTEGRITY. Most of the wealth programs/products out there seem focused only on the money side of life or greed. TRC is not like that. This is why for almost 2 years now, I’ve been a steady member. The real value of the life lessons I learned in the club manifested in this blog, my investments and savings which I had built overtime.

      TRC is not for everyone and I initially thought if it could benefit me. And the same thoughts run through my mind before I joined. Just like you, I was hesitant at first but I thought if I didn’t like it, I’ll just opt out and get my money back guarantee, but it turned out the opposite.

      TRC’s wealth building lessons and strategies is something you have to absorb for the long-term. You have to be consistent and committed in following the strategy laid out to you in the club. It teaches you positivity and opens you to a world of probabilities on building your passive income.

      TRC is just one of the wealth groups out there. There are other groups you can find; mostly Facebook investing groups. You may find what you’re looking for in them and they are free. Just be careful to the people you follow. Look for honest, smart and people with integrity.

      I don’t want people spending money on things that have no value. If you think that TRC will not provide you the value you’re looking for, then please don’t spend your hard earned money on the program even if it’s just P497.

      Thank you and God Bless. 🙂

  3. I already have a stock portpolio (blue chips). What if I join TRC and none of my current stocks is in the SAM table. Does it mean I have to sell and buy the SAM stocks or just hold until my stocks are featured in the SAM? Thank you.

    1. Hi Kev,

      1) Do you have an existing strategy planned out in your current portfolio? If you do and believe it’s a solid plan, then stick with it. If you’ll add SAM to your strategy, then I suggest you rebalance your portfolio by top slicing your winners and by introducing fresh capital to the SAM stocks.

      2) If you’re planning to change strategy to SAM, then I suggest to do it slowly by liquidating the winners and transferring the capital to the SAM stocks. Wait for the losers to turn green and then sell. Then add capital regularly.

      The strategy works well if you’ll follow the strategy on a portfolio level. It doesn’t really work well if you’ll just concentrate on a single or 2 SAM stocks. You have to plan out an accumulation strategy by buying all of the recommendations and strictly following the allocation percentages. Then monitor the performance if it can beat the PSEi index y-o-y. TRC’s performance since its inception I heard from Bro. Bo is at 17% CAGR, beating the PSEi by 5 points. This is not bad and not outstanding as well but between the two, I’d rather follow this than park my money on an index fund that can only net me 12% CAGR.

      Hope my opinion helps. Good luck Kev and God bless. 🙂

      1. Hi Sir,

        My original strategy is PCA with my stocks at hand. I’m doing it for almost a year now and I see little to no gains at all. It’s still okay though since I invest for the long term. But I’m thinking to shift to SAM hoping to maximize my portfolio’s potential.

        Thank you for prompt reply and great insights you shared.

        1. 1 year of doing PCA is not enough measure to gauge your success. 3 years should be the minimum and if you’re more patient, a 5-yr. time frame should be the basis. Be reminded that just like PCA, SAM is also geared towards a longer time frame; 10 – 20 years.

          The market sometimes performs poor, and if you perform poorer than the market, then it would be wise to let your money be managed by someone else. Look for the best performing mutual funds out there.

          PCA is not a strategy btw, because PCA tells you to buy even if the prices are high, that’s not a good practice.

          PCA is best applied in managed funds. If you have mutual funds, then do PCA. A strategy involves some timing and research. If you’re buying individual stocks, then you must have a strategy in place. SAM gives you that easy to follow approach. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be SAM, there are others as well.

  4. hi ,
    tnx for this article

    i just wanna know ur thoughts of doing a technical analysis (macd, cci, etc. )
    techinical way of forecasting the movement of stocks.

    technical analysis vs sam..

    tnx 🙂

    1. Hi Mark,

      Technical analysis is a very different strategy than SAM. TA uses models and patterns to predict future price action. Whereas in SAM, uses fundamentals in assesing the value of the business thus determine a specific range of prices to buy and a range of target prices to sell.

      SAM takes advantage of short-term market gyrations in reducing risk. You buy when prices go lower.. In TA, you set a cutloss strategy instead.

      As long as you can adapt to both schools of thought in your investing decisions, then you’ll never have a problem in dealing with both.

      Assess your risk tolerance and choose a suitable strategy based on it.

      Good luck. 🙂

  5. HI there! My name is Kristel. I came upon your blog after reading reviews about TRC. I live in California. I tried to check out for payments but it is asking me to pay in pesos. Also will I still be able to buy Philippines stocks despite me residing and an American citizen?

  6. Id like to see bo sanchez’s or any one of your so called analyts’ inveatment portfolio return. I think it would add credibility to your club. May real success stories na ba kau? Proven and audited?

  7. I am already 73 years old. Hard up due to Corona 19 pandemic and have medicine maintenance. If I join the TRC, does it mean, I have invested like 497PHP or I have to invite somebody to join TRC to earn a commission. As I understand, I have to invest personally with the guidance of TRC.

    1. You have to invest personally. That means you need to open a stock broker account, then buy stocks recommended by TRC.

      Since you are already 73 years old, I would strongly advise that you consider putting 70% of your income/savings to low-risk fixed income instruments like money market funds or retail treasury bonds. 20% invested in low-risk dividend paying stocks and 10% in a savings account.

      For example, if you managed to save 10k pesos this month, then buy 7k pesos of bonds/money market funds and buy 2k pesos worth of stocks and 1k savings.

      The reason behind it is liquidity and risk aversion. At your age, the most important thing right now is the safety of your invested capital while growing it at the same time.

  8. What broker are you using to buy/sell stocks? I want to invest but I only know COL Financial but Ive recently read a lot of issues about them kasi.

  9. Hi, Just want to clarify, if I join truly rich club, will be able to have access on where to buy legit stocks? Thanks. Hope you response. I am very interested in joining.

    1. You’ll have access dun sa SAM table plus all the other content i.e. weekly webinars, stock updates, stock alerts, SAM table.
      To buy the stocks recommended, TRC will also guide you how to open a stockbroker account from their recommended broker, COL Financial.

  10. I availed the 1yr + 2mos subscription. Its almost 3days since i joined TLC. When can i actually get the term insurance? After a year?

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