July 24, 2021


Whew, it's been a while since I posted in my blog... For anyone reading this, I hope you're doing well.

Me, I'm doing absolutely great! For the past 3 years, I've been silently building my wealth on the comfort of my home and my day job office.

From investing and trading Stocks, Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Affiliate Marketing, and E-commerce businesses... I've done it all. There are good times, bad times, but overall, I've done great.

But this is not the reason why I'm writing this post.

Thing is, there's been this new buzz going around the gaming industry these past few weeks.

What if you can make a lot of money by playing a game for just a few hours of your time?

It's possible because of this revolutionary game.

Yes, I'm talking about Axie Infinity.

And I'm sure you've heard about it... or have you?

Just to give you a background, Axie Infinity is a game that can be played on PC or a mobile device that let's you earn a cryptocurrency called "Smooth Love Potion" or SLP which can be sold for real money though crypto exchanges or through other players.

Three weeks ago, I heard about this "play-to-earn" type of game. Playing a game and earning from it is something I've seen before because back in early 2000, I was an MMORPG player and selling in-game items is how players make money from it.

That's why when I heard about Axie Infinity, I immediately knew that it's something I want to try out.

After doing a little bit of research about it, I dived in.

I spent around $1200 to buy my three Axie digital pets. I started playing last July 9 and after 2 weeks, I managed to earn 1,950 SLP which is worth ₱31,795.78 as of this time of writing. I was able to safely transfer this crypto asset into my personal crypto wallet address.

axie infinity
axie infinity

Now, maybe you're thinking if this is something that you want to try out? In that case, I'll share to you my 2-week experience and honest review about the game and answer some of the common questions I read a lot in the social media groups.


Yes. Axie Infinity is 100% legit.

The company behind it is Sky Mavis, a technology company that creates decentralized applications and services. It's funded by venture capitalists like Mark Cuban.

The game is so popular in the Philippines and emerging economy countries. Would you believe that Axie Infinity managed to make $100M in the past 30 days?


The game is pretty basic - you fight off monsters and when you win, you earn SLP. You can make a minimum 150 SLP per day if you do the daily quest.

Right now, SLP is around ₱15/SLP. This equates to ₱2,250/day or up to ₱67,500/month potential income if SLP price stays above ₱15.


You need to buy 3 Axie pets to be able to play. Right now, one Axie NFT costs $350+ in the Axie Marketplace. If you have $1,200, that is more than enough to create an effective team to play.


Kids can actually play it. My Mom can. At first, it took me around 5-6 hours to get the 150 SLP/day minimum. If the servers are laggy, frequent disconnects will happen so it will take more time.

Right now, servers are being upgraded and playing experience has improved. Also, my Axies are Level 17 and I can kill high level monsters in the game fast that's why I can finish the SLP quota within 3 hours. High level players can do it within 1-2 hours.


In my experience, I managed to earn around ₱30k in my first 2 weeks. If I play for another 2 weeks, I'm on ROI.

So yes, for me it's worth it to spend that much because you can make it back within a month.

Think about these digital pets as income generating assets because these Axies can give you income if you'll play the game.


The thing is, as long as you play, you'll make money. For example, the price of SLP crashes to ₱3, you can still make ₱13,500/month. Since the price of SLP is volatile, that will be the determining factor on how much you can make in the game.


The process is kinda technical. But the simple gist of it is you that send your earned SLP from the game to your own crypto wallet. Afterwards, send it to a crypto exchange for you to be able to trade it with other crypto like Bitcoin or Ripple and finally send it on Coins.ph and exchange it with Peso cash.

You can also sell your SLP by doing a P2P transaction on Binance.


Yes. There's a program called "scholarship" where "managers" lend out Axies to scholars. Profits are split between both parties depending on the agreement.

This is the safest way to engage in this game. It requires no capital and you don't need to learn the many technicalities involved in setting up accounts and crypto wallets.


My playing experience in the first few days was rough. It's hard to connect to the servers.

On my first week, it kept me awake late at night just to finish my quests. I became frustrated and almost rage quitted.

If there's one thing I dislike about the, it's the server problems.

On the second week, the developers released upgrades and fixes. One of the reasons of the tough week was the growth of players. There's about 500,000 players playing the game at any given moment and there's about 1 million Axie battles happening every single hour. It caused the servers to overload.

There's also community in Discord where you can see their updates, the roadmap of the game and see other fellow players talking about it.

The one thing that I like about the game is that it has its own virtual economy. Market forces inside the game drive the prices of Axies and SLPs up and down - just like trading the Crypto and Stock Market.

Do I think spending ₱60,000 makes sense in this game? ... YES.

Is it possible to do this full time to replace your full time job? ... POSSIBLY.

Is it a scam? ... NO.

Would I recommend this game for now? ... ABSOLUTELY YES.

Caveat... As always, don't invest money that you're willing to lose. Risks are always a part of any income opportunity. But then, if you don't take risks, you'll not get rewards.

So there you have it. I hope you get something from my Axie Infinity review.

I wanna hear your thoughts... Are you an Axie player? If yes, hit the comments section and let me know!


P.S. If you can make around ₱60,000/month in this game, you could use that money to buy stocks in the Stock Market. Your wealth building strategy will be faster if you have this kind of cash machine. 

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