Ang Ipon Guide Mo Para Sa Maasensong Buhay

Learn how to #IPONPAMORE with "My Ipon Diary", a book and guide that will teach you practical and simple steps to start saving more!

My Ipon Diary: How To Save 100,000 Pesos And Become A Certified IPONARYO!

my ipon diary book review

Meet and greet with coach Chinkee Tan and Ms. Donita Rose w/ fellow bloggers and yours truly after the #MyIponDiary book launching seminar last January 20.

FACT: 90% of Filipinos don't know how to save money.

It's true. And do you know that there's a 50% chance that you might be one of them?

Crazy isn't it?

Have you ever wondered why it's easier to build fats around your belly than to build wealth overtime?

Do you struggle in saving because your salary is just enough to cover your family's basic needs?

Can't sleep because of long-term debts that never go away? 

What No One Has Told You Why You Aren't Saving Enough

I understand your frustrations and how annoying the problem of saving is especially if you have a very limited source of income. And you're probably looking at the guys who look rich even though they have the same financial capacity like you do!

You even extend your working hours or do something on the sidelines but still, you remain poor and broke compared to them.

But don't get upset. What I'm about to share to you was made to solve exactly these type of problems. You're in luck!

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    You'll finally learn to apply a systematic process of saving money (common knowledge but not a common practice).
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    You'll finally be able to save with a goal in mind.
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    You'll finally make your way to becoming financially free (you'll be able to invest, put up a business and build your passive income because you now have more money)!

A Simple To Use Savings Diary To Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

my ipon diary book review

Mr. Chink+ and Mr. Investing Engineer!

Wealth Coach Chinkee Tan's new book entitled "My Ipon Diary" will teach you exactly how you can cut your expenses and save more money EFFECTIVELY using a simple and proven step-by-step workout plan.

The result? You'll be able to pay your debts easily, reach your financial goals faster than ever before and be able to financially prepare for your future!

Inside, you'll discover;

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    The 7 reasons why you should #iponpamore.
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    The top 15 iponaryo tips to be successful in life.
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    How to save 100k pesos and become a "Petmalu" iponaryo!
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    The iponaryo "saving" formula to solve your #gastospamore problem.
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    And many more...!

Even though the book is just 108 pages long, make no mistake! What you'll learn in this book can change the way how you think about your finances.

Follow the "My Ipon" savings diary guide and you'll soon find out that saving money is just a walk in the park! 

"Be an IPONAIRE to become a MILLIONAIRE." - Chinkee Tan

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The book is available at an affordable price of P250 including shipping fee! So get yours now and become a certified IPONARYO!

An Offer You Don't Want To Miss...

Here's an offer you don't want to miss... if you order in bulk, you can get FREE copies and a huge discount per book! This is a perfect giveaway to your family, friends, colleagues and even those people that owe you debt!

Give them this book and encourage them to read it. Watch them as their financial lives change!

Package # 1

10 “My Ipon Diary” 50% off + 2 FREE 

Original P1,800

NOW! P750

SAVE P1,050!

Package 2

20 “My Ipon Diary” 50% off + 5 FREE 

Original P3,750

NOW! P1,500

Save P2,250!

Package 3

40 “My Ipon Diary” 50% off + 15 FREE 

Original P8,250

NOW! P3,000

Save P5,250!

Become A Master Reseller!

As we often say to ourselves, "Nakaipon ka na, kumita ka pa!"

Become a reseller by availing of these packages at an insane DISCOUNT!

Master Package # 1

100 “My Ipon Diary” 53% off 

Original P15,000

NOW! P7,000

Master Package # 2

200 “My Ipon Diary” 57% off 

Original P20,000

NOW! P13,000

Master Package # 3

400 “My Ipon Diary” 60% off 

Original P40,000

NOW! P24,000

More Chinkee Tan Financial And Personal Development Books I Recommend!

  • Diary Of A Pulubi. Spot poor spending habits that you might have and find out how to correct them. Build wise money habits that will help you save more. Become debt-free through simple and doable steps.
  • For Richer For Poorer. Everyone wants to get rich. No one wants to stay poor and penniless. There are lots of books out there that talk about just that – getting rich and getting rich fast. But this book was made to inform you to become rich right!
  • Till Debt Do Us Part. Everyone has the opportunity and capacity to save. But the problem is most people do not know how. It could be due to the lack of discipline in handling money or to savings just getting depleted easily. One can come up with dozens of reasons why it is so hard to save. But one lesson I have learned is either you make a way or you make excuses.
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    Happy Wife Happy Life. To build stronger marriages one couple at a time.
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    Always Chink+. RENEW and CHANGE your mindset to chink positive. REFOCUS your PERSPECTIVE to look at the positive not on the negative. OVERCOME trials, hardships, failures, challenges or even depression. Change your old habit into a NEW HABIT for a NEW YOU. Create your VISION, your STRATEGY and your ACTION PLAN to turn your dreams into a reality. To be INSPIRE and be EMPOWERED so that you also inspire and empower others.
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    Rich God Poor God. Life is all about balance. Just like a tightrope walker, we must master the art of maintaining balance while walking on a high-tensioned wire. When things are out of balance, there is a great tendency for things not to work. Too much stress makes you sick while too much rest makes you lazy.
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    Secrets of the Rich and Successful. Let’s face it, everyone wants to become rich. Some have even dedicated their lives to pursue riches, making it part of their lifelong dream. If you ask people what they wanted to have more than anything else in this world, the answer is simple: Money! Money! Money! But here’s one important thing we need to understand: Money is just a means to something, but it is never the end. In other words, money is merely a tool to buy something.
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    How I Made My 1st Million. Highly regarded businessman-turned-wealth-coach, Chinkee Tan, has more than a decade’s worth of business experience under his belt. Chinkee Tan has helped fifty Filipinos earn their first million and YOU can be the next one.
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    RAISING UP MONEYWISE KIDS. Understand why it is important to teach kids about money at a young age. Know the reasons why parents don’t like discussing money with their kids, and learn how you can do it differently. Learn how to be good role models to your kids when it comes to finances. Learn 10 money lessons that you can teach your kids for them to be money-wise.

8 eBooks For Only ₱1,800. To get huge savings, grab this package. You get digital copies of all the books mentioned above (except Diary Of A Pulubi and My Ipon Diary) for only ₱1,800 instead of ₱3,000. Save ₱1,200! Hard copies not included.

Happy "IPONPAMORE" Saving!

Ang Ipon Guide Mo Para Sa Maasensong Buhay

Learn how to #IPONPAMORE with "My Ipon Diary", a book and guide that will teach you practical and simple steps to start saving more!