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COINS.PH Review: All You Need To Know About Coins.PH (UPDATED!)

coinsph review

Welcome to my Coins.ph review!

I have written this Coins.ph review so that you can understand what exactly is it all about.

Maybe someone told you that it's easier to deposit and transfer money in this platform. Maybe you were told that you can use Coins.ph to pay your bills online, load prepaid credits from your mobile phone or use as a remittance platform.

Whatever the case may be, this post will cover all the things that can actually be done in this platform.

Before you use Coins.ph, let’s go through this quick review to learn more about how the platform works.

In this post, I’ll discuss what Coins.ph is all about, what I like and don't like about it and a few easy-to-follow tutorials on how to use their services.

So here comes my honest review about Coins.ph based on my experience and my recommendation.

Let’s begin!

COINS.PH Review: What Is It All About?

Licensed by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), Coins.ph is a Philippine-based company founded in 2014 that facilitates money transfers using the Bitcoin Blockchain technology. By joining their platform, users will be able to access bank-like services and financial features directly from their smartphone, which would otherwise inaccessible.

The services they offer include online bills payment, bank deposits, remittances, loading up prepaid cellphone credits and many more. One of the company's mission is to increase financial inclusion across Southeast Asia's 650 million population, which remains largely unbanked.

Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency and was created in 2009 by a certain Satoshi Nakamoto. I suggest you read this article if you don't have any idea what Bitcoin is.

Here are 4 reasons why you should use Coins.ph;

  • It's FAST. You can manage funds instantly and directly using your Coins.ph wallet or through their 33,000+ cash partner outlets.
  • It's CONVENIENT. You can do all you errands with just a few taps in your Coins.ph app. That way, you'll never have to wait and fall in line endlessly.
  • It's SECURE. Protecting your funds is Coins.ph priority. Their advanced security systems are built to keep your cryptocurrency as safe as possible.
  • It's TRUSTWORTHY. Coins.ph is the first virtual currency provider in the Philippines to be licensed and regulated by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

While Coins.ph use digital currencies as a medium to transfer funds online, it shouldn't be used as an investing or trading platform. Coins.ph should be used as a mobile wallet. If you want to trade digital currencies, use Coins Pro instead.

How To Create An Account In Coins.PH

You can create your account by using a web browser, mobile phone (app), or even Facebook Messenger. After creating your account, you are requested to KYC-verify your identity by providing some personal information and presenting a valid government-issued ID.

To create an account, click here and follow the steps in their account sign up form. Make sure to use my referral code INVENG (as shown in the red box in the image below) when signing up so that we both get ₱50 each once you verify.

coins ph review

How To Sign Up To Coins.PH Via Facebook Messenger

The most convenient way to sign up is via Facebook Messenger. To do this, please follow the instructions below.

  • Search for the Coins.ph Bot on Messenger and click Get Started.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Click Create An Account.
  • Enter your email/mobile number and create a password. Make sure to use my referral code INVENG when signing up so that we both get ₱50 each once you verify.

How To Get Verified And Remove Limits

When I made my account, I was limited to sending and receiving up to ₱2,000. To remove those limits, you have to be KYC verified.

KYC, or "Know-Your-Customer", is a BSP mandated requirement for financial institutions to collect certain information about their customers (such as ID & Selfie photos), in order to prevent fraud or criminal financial activities.

In layman's terms, Coins.ph doesn't want you to use their platform to engage in money laundering and shady financial activities. So to regulate their users, they need to "KNOW" you. KYC is pretty much the norm nowadays so don't worry about your data because it's also for your own protection.

Here's what you need to know about account limits. There are four (4) levels of verification.

  • Level 1 (E-mail / Phone Verification). Access to Cash-In, Pay Bills, Buy Load, Game Credits. Limits at ₱2,000 daily Cash-In, No Cash-Out.
  • Level 2 (ID & Selfie Verification). Access to Level 1 features plus Cash-Out, Trade Crypto, Remittances. Limits at ₱50,000 daily Cash-In/Out.
  • Level 3 (Address Verification). Access to all of Level 1 and Level 2 features. Limits at ₱400,000 Cash-In/Out.
  • Level 4 (by request). Access to all features. Custom limits up to ₱5 Million Cash-In/Out.

KYC verification will grant you Level 2 access and benefits, which should cover the needs of majority of people. Should you need higher limits of daily/monthly funds transfer, they can request Level 3 access by verifying their home address, or Level 4 access by providing additional documentation (typically used for businesses).

To remove the limits, click on Limits & Verification on the options on the upper right corner of the dashboard, then click on the desired verification procedure, fill-up the form and submit a scanned copy or a clear photo of the documents required.

In my case, I took a photo of my Driver’s License and a billing statement under my name. The process took two days.

I can now access Coins.ph full suite of features and my Cash-In/Out limits are now maximized to ₱400,000/day.

Because I do lots of online transactions, I need these limits to be removed.

Here's a list of all IDs Coins.ph accepts to KYC.

  • Passport. (Passports are the only accepted ID for foreign users.)
  • Driver's License (including Student Permits with official receipt)
  • Social Security System (SSS) Card (date of birth must be visible on the ID)
  • Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) ID
  • Postal ID (old postal IDs must have a photo of both front and back)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID)
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance
  • Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) ID
  • Philippine National Police (PNP) ID
  • Bureau of Fire Protection ID
  • Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)
  • Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) Certification
  • Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) e-card
  • OFW ID
  • Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID
  • Police Clearance Certificate or Police Clearance Card
  • Seaman's Book
  • National Integrated Bar of the Philippines ID
  • Alien Certification of Registration or Immigrant Certificate of Registration
  • PWD
  • Voter's ID (Voter's ID will only be accepted if ID type indicated is also Voter's ID)

I recommend that once you sign-up, proceed with the Level 2 verification to access all of Coins.ph amazing features. You can also opt to stay at Level 1 but you'll never get access to the full features.

It's also important to note that once you verify, Coins.ph operations team might conduct random verification calls to you.

coins.ph review

How To Cash In Funds In Coins.ph

Coins.ph has many cash in partners including 7-Eleven, Bayad Center, MLhuillier, LBC, Palawan Pawnshop, Security Bank, Unionbank, BPI, Western Union, Cebuana Lhuillier and many more.

To cash in, follow the steps below:

  • Select "CASH IN".
  • Choose a cash in option.
  • Enter the cash in amount and place order.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the payment.

Now, you might be wondering... Can we trust Coins.ph? Is their platform secure?

I ran a test to answer this for myself. I added ₱2,000 using my BDO account in my BTC wallet. It charged me a transaction fee of ₱20 as shown below. In less than an hour, I received the corresponding Bitcoins in my wallet.

coins.ph review

Since my account is only new, I was only limited to receiving ₱2,000.

So after depositing, I did a transaction on a website using my newly purchased Bitcoins. It went smoothly.

Here’s a screenshot of how it went.

coins.ph review

Loading your account and sending Bitcoins as per my experience is really that easy. There are a lot of ways on how to fund your account. You can try to load up through 7-eleven stores, Globe GCash, MLhuillier ePay, SM Bills Payment Center and a lot more.

Receiving payments is also very smooth. To receive money, just give your wallet address to the person you’re transacting with.

Here’s some screenshots of some of my remittances. I used my Peso wallet this time so that the money is already PHP converted which is much better to avoid the Bitcoin’s price volatility.

coins.ph review

I’ve proven to myself that receiving money in Coins.ph is very smooth and reliable.

Now, if you have BTC in your BTC wallet and want to transfer it into your Peso wallet and vice versa, there’s an option to do that in the dashboard.

I’ve converted the Bitcoins that were left in from my previous transactions to PHP and it works.

coins.ph review

How To Cash OUT

Cashing Out is plain and simple. Here are the basic steps to follow;

  • Select a Cash Out option.
  • Enter a cash out amount.
  • Enter recipient's details.
  • Confirm the transaction.

I tried to Cash Out to my BDO bank account for the first time and it took approximately 5 hours for a successful transfer. Here’s how I did it.

  • I clicked the Cash Out tab on the dashboard, then selected Bank and clicked on Next Step.
  • I entered the amount I want to transfer then clicked Next Step.
  • I entered my Bank Account NumberAccount Holder Name and my Mobile Number. After that, I clicked on Complete Payment.

STEP # 1: Click the Cash Out tab on the dashboard, Select Bank and click on Next Step.

STEP # 2: Enter the amount you want to transfer then click Next Step. In this example, I want to transfer ₱2,797.36.

coins.ph review

STEP # 3: Enter your Bank Account NumberAccount Holder Name and your Mobile Number. After that, click on Complete Payment.

I received a notification like the one below after confirming the transaction.

After this, all you have to do is to wait for it to be processed. If you cash out before 10 AM, the funds will be transferred before 6 PM of the same day. Otherwise, it will be credited on the next business day before 6 PM.

After I received my money, a text message informed me that my money is already sent. I also received a similar e-mail.

coins.ph review
coins.ph review

I've also tried to transfer funds from Coins.ph to my Unionbank EON account numerous times. It worked with no issues. The procedures are similar as mentioned above. You just have to choose Unionbank as your bank.

To prove it, here are screenshots of the confirmed transactions I received.

coins ph review
coins ph review

There are many different ways on how to cash out if you don't have a bank account. Coins.ph currently has 33,000+ partner locations and these include 711, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana, MLhuillier, LBC and many more. All of the other options can be seen if you click the Cash Out option.


One easy way for OFWs to Cash In or Cash Out is to use Western Union.

To send money via Western Union, follow these steps;

  • Go to Western Union and fill out the Send Money form.
  • Place the receiver's name (Coins.ph Wallet) in the form, using "Cash" as transfer method.
  • Note the MTCN and estimated amount.

To receive money, here are the steps;

  • Select Western Union from "Cash In" options.
  • Enter the MTCN and amount.
  • Check the details and click "Receive Funds".

HOW TO Buy Load Using Coins.ph

One way to save money is to fund your Coins.ph account to use it for buying prepaid credits. I I no longer buy prepaid credits to an e-load store because they charge additional fees on top of the prepaid load I buy.

By using Coins.ph, I get a 10% rebate everytime I buy prepaid load instead of a 10% extra charge in e-loading stores.

I bought ₱50 load and I got a ₱5 rebate. How cool is that!

coins.ph review

To buy load, click the Buy Load option inside the dashboard and enter your mobile phone number and the amount of load. After you confirm the transaction, you'll receive your load immediately.


I love how Coins.ph can be used to pay your bills online. You can pay your Meralco, Maynilad, Manila Water, PLDT, SMART, GLOBE, SUN and other 90+ biller partners including your Home Credit loans.

To pay your bills using Coins.ph, follow these steps;

  • Select a biller to pay.
  • Enter the amount to pay.
  • Enter the account details and follow the additional instructions on screen.
  • Confirm the transaction.

What I Like And Don't Like About Coins.ph

I like Coins.ph because transactions are fast and convenient. You send now and within minutes, the money arrives in the recipient. At such transaction speeds, Coins.ph is perfect for OFW's looking for remittance solutions.

I like the idea of sending money from my Coins.ph account to my BDO and Unionbank accounts and vice versa.

I also love using Coins.ph to load up on prepaid credits because of the 10% rebate.

What I don't like is that Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. If you mistakenly sent money to a wrong bitcoin wallet, you can’t take it back.

Someone can also use this as a scamming medium. I hope that Coins.ph is serious in dealing with this kind of fraud when someone files or reports a dispute.

Bitcoin carry lots of risks. If Coins.ph goes under and you have a significant amount of money in your account, you may have difficulty getting it back.

But overall, I think the advantages carry more weight than the disadvantages. I'll give a rating of 4 out of 5 stars!

What's NEW in Coins.ph (2019 UPDATE!)

There are lots of new features added since the founding of Coins.ph. Just to update, I've listed below all of their products and services that you can enjoy using once you sign up.

  • Cash in/out in 33,000+ partner locations. Partners include: 711, Palawan Pawnshop, Cebuana, MLhuillier, LBC, and many more!
  • Buy mobile load for ANY Filipino network. Ongoing promo: Get 10% rebate on every load.
  • Send or receive money via Coins.ph, cash or bank transfer to anyone in the Philippines. Ongoing promo: Western Union remittances (₱2,000 free on Sat/Sun until Oct. 31, 2019).
  • Buy game credits at 1:1 pricing for every purchase.
  • Buy / sell cryptocurrency online (BTC, ETH, BCH, XRP).
  • Scan & Pay, Reload Beep, EasyTrip & Autosweep, Shop or book flights online.


As of 2019, Coins.ph is the trusted financial provider to 5 million+ Pinoys around the world. Coins.ph has the largest cash distribution networks in the country, operating through 33,000+ partner locations and over 95 partner billers. 

If you're looking for the best solution to transfer money, pay bills, buy load, trade cryptocurrencies and buy stuff using virtual currency, then I would encourage you to try out Coins.ph!

This ends my Coins.ph review. I hope that you find great value from the services they offer. It’s very convenient and hassle free in my experience.

Try them out and sign up using my affiliate link by clicking the button below. Make sure to use my referral code INVENG. Once you signed up and verified, we'll both get a bonus of ₱50 each that will be credited to you and me.

Enjoy using Coins.ph. Make your phone your wallet!

UPDATE: Coins.ph's referral program has ended last May 15, 2020. Thank you for all the people who signed up and verified using my referral link!

This blog post was able to refer 746 verified people and made me ₱37,855 including rebates!

Thank you Coins.ph!

  • March 9, 2016

Get ₱50 credits for FREE!

Get started with ₱50 to pay your bills or load your phone using Coins PH! Click the button to LEARN MORE!

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  • Maria says:

    Hi Investing Engineer PH! This is Maria from Coins.ph. Thank you so much for featuring Coins.ph and your invaluable feedback. We are always happy to hear we have helped! Salamat! 🙂

    • Hi Maria. I’m glad to hear someone from Coins.Ph! Thank you for the wonderful service. It made my life easier. 😀

    • Pete says:

      Hi Maria (from coins.ph)!
      What is wrong with your payment system? From DEC01, 2021 onwards coins.ph is only giving "points" worth of 25 Centavos for 10.00 PHP mobile load spent… We all know that you get 10x that much. So why cheating your customers that way?

      And these "points" are not even true money: you have to get "vouchers" through a complicated procedure to spend this money with shopee, lazada, SM or some others…

      Do you want to get rid of your customers? Then go ahead like this… otherwise revise your payment terms!

  • Jess says:

    Scam alert, bitcoin mining investment, crediting through coins.ph. Do not invest, that is a scam and i am a victim. I was offered by a friend with bitcoin mining investment where it will promise to credit amount daily in your bitcoin wallet. Within two months time it will stop crediting, without getting back your money totally. This is the high tech paluwagan scam going on now. Be warry, do not be a victim.

    • That’s sad Jess. Bitcoin Ponzi schemes are rampant these days. Be careful of these programs that promises you hefty returns in a short span of time. You should invest in stocks instead.


    • Miss B says:

      Hello, I have an FB friend who asked me to sign up for coins.ph and she said that you’ll have an income here. is it legit? Thank you and God Bless!

      • Hi Miss B,

        Yes it’s possible to earn an income through coins.ph referrals. But please avoid joining those Bitcoin ponzi schemes. They are scams. They pay you at first but run off with your money after a while. You may also run the risk of account cancellation through violation of Coinsph TOS.

        • kenneth says:

          hi sir? ask ko lang po? pwed ba ako mag invest dito sa coin.ph? paano po ba lumobo yung pera ko? ty

          • Hi Kenneth,

            Just to be clear, Coins.Ph is a remittance service na gumagamit ng Bitcoins as a means to transfer money. Alam natin na ang Bitcoins ay lumalaki ang value but it doesn’t mean na magtutuloy-tuloy ito habang buhay. Minsan tumataas at minsan naman bumababa. Volatility ang tawag diyan at kung hindi mo kaya sikmurain ang pagtaas at pagbaba nito araw-araw, huwag po kayo maglagay ng pera dito.

            Ganunpaman, maari naman na kumita sa Bitcoin kung mabibili mo ito ng mababa at mabebenta sa mataas na presyo kagaya ng Forex o palitan ng Dolyar sa Piso. Paalala ko lang po na ang ganitong klaseng paraan ng pagkita ay nangangailangan ng masusing pagaaral ng Financial markets.

            Lastly, magingat ka sa mga nagkalat na Bitcoin scams na nangangako ng garantisadong interes araw-araw. Ponzi schemes po yan at kung sasali ka sa ganyan, may tsansa na i-lock ng Coins.Ph ang inyong account dahil illegal po yang mga ganyan.

            Goodluck Kenneth!

  • Pol says:

    Hi, ask ko lang po if okay gamitin ung bills payment nila?

    • Hi Pol, Hindi ko pa natry gamitin siya sa bills payment eh. Ginagamit ko lang siya sa ngayon to move money from coins to BDO and vice versa.

    • Kat says:

      Hi! Yes. I always use coins.ph for paying my bills, top up my phone. Good sya sa business ko honestly. 🙂

      • marcie says:

        Hi Kat. I’ve also been using coins.ph for topping up my phone and paying monthly bills, but medyo i’m in doubt if kumikita talaga through cp load kasi coins.ph charge like 10% for every cash in and only 10% lang din and “commision” per top up. Hindi ba lugi?

    • DIVINA BATIN says:

      Yes. Ok gamitin yong bills payment. Print mo lng receipt after.

    • Angel says:

      I’m just new to Coinsph but I trusted it and tried to pay my bill (Cignal) and it works. no need to go to bayad center..

    • These are wonderful testimonials from people who used coinsph as a means to pay bills.

    • Ruthsel says:


      Ok na ok ang bills payment nila me ginagawa ko siyang business sobran dali iprocess ?% ok siya may instant 5 pesos pa ng balik sayo bawat bills na binabayaran mo pag madami bills mo weekly may another allowance pa siya na ibibigay sayo 900 weekly ok na ok na sakin haping hapi na ako jan

  • Fyiang says:

    hi po!

    can I use my prepaid VISA card from BPI to load funds to my Coins.ph peso wallet instead of cash?


    • Hi Fyiang,

      Is that prepaid VISA card a debit card? Kung oo, I believe puwede; parang bank transfer lang mangyayari. Pero kung credit card siya, hindi yata kasi wala ako makitang option pa sa dashboard na puwede magtransfer through credit cards.

      Mas maganda if you can ask your query to them here to be 100% sure. https://coins.ph/contact

      • Fyiang says:

        its a prepaid card, like I need to deposit funds for me to use the card. it’s not like a credit card that the bank will provide credit limit.

  • Fyiang says:

    do I need to link my card? or sort like that?

  • drim says:

    I just want to know how can buy a btc using my tbc (the billion coin)?
    Im a stake holder of the billion coin or TBC.


  • jessie says:


  • Renz says:

    Hi, mhirap ata basta magtiwala kung wla DTI approval. Sana ipalabas sa tv patrol at ipromote muna. Kasi you give them your personal bank info. What if may hack ito mkukuha yung bank money mo through atm?

    • isa says:

      Paano mangyayari yun e account number and account name lang yung gagamitin mo to transfer from coins.ph to your bank? anong maha-hack dun?

    • Hi Renz,

      May security features naman ang coinsph. Hindi din basta-basta mahack ang mga accounts not unless na makuha nila directly yung pin and passwords mo through phishing websites.

      Just make sure na hindi mo din gagamitin yung coinsph account mo sa fraudaulent activities lalo na yung mga ponzi bitcoin make money online schemes. If I’m not mistaken, bawal yun sa terms and conditions ng coinsph.

    • Abs says:

      You may also cash in through 7-11 stores which I am currently using. 🙂 I don’t do bitcoins. And yes hopefully may publicity sila kasi very convenient sa bills payment.

  • Rex says:

    Hi po can i ask how to invest stocks in stockmarket or how about forex trading?thanks…

  • john says:

    pwde ko bang gamitn ung bitcoin address sa kaht anung online bitcoin companies?

    • Hi John,

      Technically I don’t know. Pero baka puwede kung yung BTC company eh magaallow na gumamit ka ng wallet address from different third party provider. Sa coinsph kasi, kung may dati ka nang wallet, dimo yun magagamit. So kailangan itransfer mo na lang yung BTC mo sa bago mo wallet. You can ask coinsph about it para mas malinaw.

  • Farhan says:

    Hi sir, I want to have a business like MONEY TRANSFER! that is concern for BITCOIN, how do I start?

  • teresa says:

    Hi there! I signed up under your referral. Is it okay if I contact you if ever I have some queries? Hope to earn from this site.

  • Buen says:

    HI sir, do you happen to know if coinsph transact using PAYMAYA.?like transfer coinsph balance to PAYMAYA and vice versa? or coinsph re able to sync virtual VISA CARD for online payment?

    • Hi Buen, coinsph already has that feature. You don’t have to use Paymaya. You just need to activate the coinsph Visa e-money card in your account. You can fund the card through your coinsph account. It’s a new feature that has been released just recently.

  • Anthony V. Karagdag says:

    is metrobank and ps bank accredited to coins.ph?

  • mirawell ong says:

    kapag may laman po ung peso wallet ko, tapos cinonvert ko po sa btc may maidadgdag po ba?

    • Hi Mirawell,

      Di ko magets yung question mo, are you talking about fees? Kung yun ang tinutukoy mo, wala. Pero take note na magkaiba ang buying at selling prices ng Bitcoin. Iba ang presyo kung bibili ka at iba din kapag magbebenta ka na. So kung may plano ka bumili at magbenta for profit, i-consider mo yun.

  • Michelle says:

    Hi, signed up on coins.ph using your code. Hindi pa ako masyadong familiar sa bitcoins pero gusto kong i-explore itong option na ito. Bookmarking your site just in case may mga tanong ako. Thanks in advance. 🙂

  • angela says:

    i think i can only earn from referrals… but cashing in would mean paying fees which if more than what you will be earning

    • Hi Angela,

      Trading Bitcoins needs a specific skill set called Technical Analysis. Traders from Forex and the Stock Market knows this. Trading will be profitable if you can determine the right entry and exit point but take note that speculating price movements is a risky venture.

  • Heo says:

    Hi. I just like to ask if I can print a receipt of my transaction as well. for ex. I wanted it to use as a business I wanted to givw receipt to my client. Will I be able to do that?

  • Miely says:

    This is a good review. Everyone needs to be enlightened on how to use and what the opportunities you may get from coins.ph . Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

  • Hi, this is a very good review.
    I am actually planning to open my coins.ph account but I already have my coinbase account. I see that you have reviewed mainly for the bank transfer, can you enlighten me also how to put money in coins.ph account via 7/11? is it possible overseas as I am living in UAE.

    Anyway, for those interested in bitcoin faucet and how to earn, I have made a review on my blog. This is up to date and I have proof of earnings!



  • dhebie says:

    hi how to start a bussiness like coin.ph what are the requirements.

    • Hi Dhebie, not sure of your question though. Coins.ph is a bitcoin wallet service. If you have an existing business or you are a freelancer, you can accept payments using the system.

      If you’re referring to the referral system, well you can make P50 per referral everytime someone who signs up under your referral link. The one you referred will also make P50.

  • Maricar says:

    Paano ka kikita dito?

    • Hi Maricar, puwede ka magrefer ng mga tao na gusto gumamit ng coins.ph. Pag may narefer ka at nagvalidate, kikita kayong dalawa ng nirefer mo ng P50. Puwede ka din magtrade ng bitcoins by using technical analysis just like in forex and stocks.

  • mike says:


    gusto ko lang po itanung kung panu po mai prove ng coins.ph na hindi sila biglang mawawala, if ever mag cash in po kami ng php equal to 1 btc, thousands of pesos po yun tapos biglang mawala yung coins.ph saan po kami kocontact sainyo ???

    • Hi Mike,

      Paumanhin dahil hindi kasi ako legal representative ng coinsph so I can’t deny or confirm any information about that. Isa din ako sa maraming tao na gumagamit ng serbisyo nila. Ang maipapayo ko siguro ay kung inaalala mo yung risk ng permanent loss of capital kung bigla sila mawala, puwede siguro limitahan mo na lang ang paggamit ng serbisyo nila o di kaya ay magsaliksik pa ng ibang reviews o feedback ng mga tao na matagal ng gumagamit ng serbisyo nila. Ito ay mabisang risk management upang malimitahan natin kung sakali na hindi umayon ang pagkakataon sa ating nais.

      • Mike says:

        I think this is a good opportunity to earn like such forex trading, of course you need sufficient funds equivalent to 1 BTC to be able to earn better di po ba?.
        Anyway, thank you for your clear answer.

        • Yup. In trading BTC, you need sufficient knowledge on trading patterns, support & resistance and candlestick chart patterns reading. Also consider the fees involved while trading to maximize gains. Or you can instead invest in BTC and hope it will appreciate in value in a few years.

  • Ezekiel says:

    Sir once na mag add money ba ako sa coins.ph may equivalent bitcoin na ba yung ? or kailangan ko pa sya iconvert ? and as you posted, saang market mo ginamit yung bitcoins mo ? thanks !

    • Hi Ezekiel, bale dalawa yung wallet sa coins. PH wallet tska BTC wallet. Para di ka na magconvert, pag nagload ka, sa PH wallet mo ilagay para hindi siya apektado ng exchange rate. Kung 1k ang nasa PH wallet, 1k lang yun kahit magbago presyo ng btc. Kung gusto mo sumabay sa palitan, sa BTC wallet mo ilagay para pag kinonvert mo sa peso, magreflect yung current na palitan.

      Yung bitcoins na ginamit ko, used for purchasing sa sites. Example sa Steam games, and pangload sa cellphone.

      Hope this helps.

      • Conan says:

        question lang po, so bakit pa po tayo mag coin ph? I thought it is a business na you are going to invest? I don’t know the details pero gusto ko ssana matutuhan if pano kumita using btc.

        • Hi Conan,

          Hindi online business ang Coins.ph. It’s a bitcoin wallet service. Karamihan like myself use Coins.ph to enter the bitcocin markets. Kung may time ka, puwede ka mag-aral ng technical analysis on how to trade bitcoins.. Or yung iba naman, naghohoard lang ng bitcoins with the belief na tataas ang value nito sa hinaharap.

  • reyj says:

    Hello. Alam nyo po ba kung bakit magkaiba yung Buy value at Sell value ng bitcoins? Di ba talaga pedeng magkapareho cla? Ganyan rin po ba sa stock market, o sa ibang bitcoins wallet? Salamat po. Tingin ko po kc pag sinubtract mo yung dalawa ang resulta ay yun yung kikitain ng coins.ph sa pag invest mo sa btc, masyado nm atang malaki kung ganun

    • Hi Reyj, ang tawag diyan ay Spread. Sa stocks naman, may fees and taxes na binabayaran kada buy and sell kaya pag bumili ka ng stocks at 1 php per share at binenta mo ng 1 php per share dn, lugi ka na dahil may mga fees ka na babayaran dun pa lang sa pagbili at sa pagbenta. Sa BTC di ko sure bakit may ganyan. Sa stocks kasi, may breakdown nung fees na yun. Actually, kahit saang BTC services ganyan eh. Kahit sa ibang BTC exchange/wallet services, may spread ang mga wallet accounts. It’s best if you’ll ask coinsph about that. Sumasagot naman sila pagdating sa mga inquiries.

      Hope it helps.

  • carol says:

    Hello po.Tanong ko lng po kung bkt “unable to login with provided credentials” account ko at kung papaano po siya maaayos. please help

  • steve says:


    What do you think of cryptocurrencies? I have invested in some platforms like XRP and Ethereum.

    • Hi Steve,

      Cryptocurrencies carry the risk of permanent loss of capital because of the nature of the technology itself. It’s also not regulated. The value of these depend on many factors and market sentiments. It’s also volatile. Know the risks and invest only at minimum quantities.

  • steve says:

    They are crooks!!! Ingat sa rates, pagbumili ka ng bitcoin which is currently at $2158/BTC, sa kanila e tag Php 135,470/coin, walang hiya $63 is to 1 pesos? Anong exchange yan? Not counting their fees pa… please tell people about it.

    • Hey Steve, that’s called “spread”. In financial markets, buyers are willing to buy it at X price while sellers are willing to sell it at Y price. The difference between the two is the spread. Malaki ang spread ng BTC because it’s very volatile. The prices are affected by how people perceive the value of it.

    • jehzlau says:

      Yeah. I noticed this too. Buy ka nalang sa buybitcoin.ph and save around P27000 pesos. Current rate nila around 144k, while sa buybitcoin is 117k. Laking tipid! Around $550 cheaper yung rate ng buybitcoin.ph if compared to coins.ph. Then you can sell it at coins.ph for a higher sell price. Haha!

  • ben says:

    hello coins ph , ask ko lang kung , yung coins ph is a type of bitcoin wallet?
    and pano ko mababayaran electric bills dito sa dagupan city, like DECORP(dagupan electric corp.) and also same with the water bill?


  • Marc says:

    Hi sir ask ko lang po kung ang coin.ph po ba will accept satoshi fund? thx

  • jayce says:

    Hi Sir,

    ask ko lang po if pede i-link ang paypal accounr dito? and if pwede po how? please advise. Thank you.

    • Hi Jayce,

      It’s not possible. Puwede ka lang magcash-in tsaka cash-out through their partner banks and establishments/remittance centers.

      Pero baka i-consider din nila ito in the future because of increasing demand.

  • Hello everyone…
    Ask KO lang po kung bakit yung naginvite po sa akin pinapalagay sa occupation is data encoder, source of income is freelancer at 2captcha sa company?
    First step is pinapadownload po ang coins.pH sa play store saka maglog in.
    Panu po ba sumali? Kasi not enough space po ang cellphone KO. Diko po madownload ang coins.pH.
    Thank you!

  • Good evening!
    Ask KO lang po kung member ka na ng coins.pH need mo pa po ba mag sign in sa 2captcha? Para daw sa kita yun.

    • Hi Zed, I don’t know what’s 2captcha. Most websites out there are scams – Ponzi Schemes to be specific. These sites promise you daily BTC withdrawals by investing in them. They initially pay for the first few days and disappear just like that taking the rest of your money. I advise you avoid anything that sounds too good to be true.

      I only advocate 2 legitimate ways to make money in BTC – 1) To HODL for long-term, and; 2) Arbitrage. The rest are just scams. Take due diligence before investing your time and hard-earned money. Good luck. 🙂

  • Good morning….
    Thank you for the information.
    Can I invite a friend who is working abroad? And how they can send money from there? Where they should pay?
    Thank you!

  • juna says:

    bakit hndi na ako makasign.in sa account ku..

  • Edwin says:

    Hi. Done signing-up using your referral code. Although not so familiar with this, magandang masubukan na din.

  • jayson says:


    Good Day. Ask lng po kung sino dito may experience sa coinage.ph. Gusto ko po kasi try mag trade.


  • Vinczar says:

    Hi pano po magcash in ang nsa jeddah na kapatid ko and canada?

  • Hatputito says:

    Hi sir Mark!

    Interesado sana akong mag-sign up sa coins.ph, but I’m still researching about this and nagbabasa pa ako ng reviews like yours.

    Marami akong nabasa sa Facebook page ng coins.ph na negative comments, mostly ay mga naka-experience ng biglaang deactivation/blocking ng kanilang account or mga walang update sa kanilang cinash out na money for weeks or months now [na ang nirereply lang daw sa kanila is ifofollow up daw ito sa coinsph team, etc].

    How’s your experience so far after a year of using it po? Ano kaya ang mga dapat or hindi dapat gawin sa paggamit ng coinsph para maiwasan ko rin ang bad experiences na ito?


    • Hi Hatputito,

      Ang isang importante sa lahat eh wag sasali sa mga bitcoin ponzi schemes, bawal yun sa TOS nila. Iniiwasan kasi nila na magamit sa scams ang services nila so kapag nadeactivate ka, it means na baka yung sinasalihan niyong mga get-rich-quick-schemes na yan na nakadisguise as legit money-making opportunities pero w/ close scrutiny eh ponzi scheme pala. And iniiwasan din nila na magamit ang services nila sa money laundering. Gamitin lang natin siya kung paano siya dapat gamitin (e.g. paying bills, purchasing, e-load). At kung gusto naman kumita, gamitin ang referral code at magrefer ng gusto gumamit ng services nila.

      About sa mga cinash out na money, may support naman sila and maganda kung matawagan sila through phone. And always keep a record kung kailan nagfollow-up. As a customer hindi naman masama magcomplain lalo na kung mabagal ang pagsagot nila sa mga queries.

      Lastly, wala ako problem sa coinsph. I cash out through Unionbank and BDO and I get it within the day or the next business day.

      Hope this helps.

      • Hatputito says:

        Hi sir Mark!

        Thank you for the fast response. 🙂

        I see, so most probably yung mga naka-experience ng deactivation ay dahil sa bitcoin ponzi schemes or other scams, if I understood it right? x’D

        Maliban po kasi sa plano ko itong gamitin as a means for paying bills or buying load, nais ko rin sanang magtrade sa BTC. Small amount lang naman. Like magcoconvert ako from my PHP wallet to BTC, then kapag tumaas ang selling price compared sa price when I bought it ay icoconvert ko pabalik sa PHP. Then the cycle goes on. Pwede ko po kaya iyong gawin sa coinsph?

        That’s good to hear about your experience. 😀


        • Yep. Ayaw ng coinsph ng ganun.

          You can trade BTC pero consider the risk. Tsaka sa ngayon malaki ang spread eh. And also aware ka ba sa ‘hard fork’ na mangyayari sa Aug. 1? If not, please also consider it. Sa ngayon downtrend ang BTC dahil diyan sa anticipated event na yan.

          If ako tatanungin, holding is much better than trading. Buy when price dips. Malakas ang conviction ko na BTC will increase in value overtime kasi game changer ito. So hold as many coins habang maaga pa, then let’s see after 5 years saan dadalin ng BTC ang cash natin.

  • hiei says:

    newbie po.

    so kelan ang tamang time na bumili ng btc? before or after ng hard fork event?

    • Hindi natin masasabi yan. Puwede ngayon kasi puwedeng after ng fork maging okay na ang price umangat bigla. Puwede din hindi kasi baka bumaba lalo ang price dahil sa fork. This is speculation – marami factors na puwede mangyari. So caveat na lang and let’s see what will happen.

  • NJ says:


    Today, the value of 1BTC to PHP since the time you wrote this guide has gone up to almost 6-7 times. I should’ve bought back then! Sayang!

  • Mitch says:

    Hi i am new to coinsph..75% palang po ung progress ko sa “Get started with coins”..wala pa ako ung “Add funds” kelangan ba muna yun para makapagsimula ng referrals at para magamit account mo? kelangan mo muna mag add nung sinasabi sa 7-11?…

    • Hi Mitch,

      I think you can already refer your friends the moment you signed up kasi may personal link ka na agad na puwede i-share. What I did is nagverify lang ako then I used it for some purchases.. Then nagstart na lang din ako magrefer as a side income.

  • cha says:

    Hi, I’m a little confused on how to cash in thru unionbank. Should i fill-up the deposit slip or the bills payment slip? I have tried 7-11 a few times, but their machine mostly goes offline and it takes time to wait it to function again.

    Thanks ?

  • ako si batman says:

    Where can i find the company profile. How many employees? What is the revenues etc. thanks.

  • Lorenz says:

    I’m wondering.. Pwede ka magexchange ng Peso to BTC and vice versa also with dollars.. My question is kapag may 1BTC na ako other than the exchanges thru real money, how can my 1BTC grow by itself?

  • Mike says:

    I just signed up using your referral link but didn’t get my 50 PHP.

  • nezza says:

    hello can i ask if ok lang bah na voters certificate ang gagamitin ko para maverify po ung account ko dito?

    • Hi Nezza, better to check with coins team regarding that. I think ang common naman sa mga valid IDs is kailangan may birthdate mo. Like sa passport, driver’s licence, professional licence. Hope this helps.

  • nezza says:

    hello po, student po ako tapos hindi pa pwede makuha ang aking voters id.,,pwede po vah na school id or alumni id ang gagamitin ko para maverify po ang membership ko dito or account dito…hope to hear u soon…tnx po

  • Ryan says:

    Sir, i just want to ask regarding with the cash out and transferring it to the bank account. i have a checking account on bank of commerce. Two names are listed as account holder, kailangan ko ba ilagay ang dalawang names or kahit isa lang pwede na?

    • Hi Ryan, I’m not exactly sure since I haven’t used that bank. Ang meron lang ako is BDO and Unionbank and I can say na wala ako naging problems sa dalawang banko na yun pagdating sa cash-out.

  • Cherryl Apat says:

    i have already a new account with different name of referral.. Today i made another different account because my referral is of different person already. How can i made my latest referral be my referral to my previous account so that i will not apply again for a new account. I will make use my old account

  • Marlon says:

    Good day, Sir. I would like to ask po if I can transfer money from Pluggle to Coins.ph when my name in Pluggle is different from Coins.ph. Actually, baliktad lang ung apelyido ko sa Pluggle. Please advise.

    Also, can I delete my second account in Coins.ph? Ung isa kasi nagtry lang ako kung ano tong coins.ph. Ngaun I am trying to make a verification dito, nabasa ko na isa lang dapat ang account dito.

    Thank you very much.

    • Hi Marlon, I’m not familiar kasi with Pluggle so I can’t give any comment on that.

      About account deletion, of course puwede magdelete. Have one account lang tapos have it verified para magamit mo full potential ng services nila.

  • Jean Cai says:


    Do you idea about Bitcoin Land? Yung networkingtype.


    • Hi Jean,

      If it’s a networking type, then probably, it’s a Ponzi scheme.

      Mas ineencourage ko na maghodl na lang or magtrade kaysa sumali sa mga ganyan. Bitcoin-based Ponzi schemes usually last 6 months. Matagal na kung umabot ng 1 – 2 years. Madali lang kasi magcollapse yang mga ganyang business model.

      Marami din namang altcoins maliban sa Bitcoin which I find more profitable dahil mura pa siya and may mataas na upside. Mag-swing trade or hodl na lang if you really want to get a piece of the pie.

  • Jean Cai says:

    Hi po,

    This is the one I’m referring to https://bitcoinland.biz/

    Is this a ponzi scheme?

    I’m just making sure cause my officemates are into this.


  • Jean Cai says:

    What really is a ponzi scheme po ba? Ano po ba alam niyo dito?

    Thank you so much.

  • Conan says:

    Paano po ba palaguin ang bit coin? I already have a coins.ph account since last year. Then out of the blue, naisipan ko I open uli, and I found out na meron ako close Php 500 in my account. Which I don’t know if san galling.
    gusto ko sana mag invest or palaguin pa, since sabi nga this is a legitimate business.
    Please kindly send me an e-mail to discuss further. My e-mail is also my account.
    More power

  • Bet says:


    I’m planning to trade other currencies and is thinking of opening an account with coins.ph. One of my concerns is that i’m not familiar with the ponzi schemes that are happening now. My question is how does this site/app filter through accounts that are taking part of those schemes and is there any sort of safety net when your account has been falsely closed?

    Also, would you suggest bittrex?

    Hope to hear from you soon


    • Hi Bet,

      Ponzi schemes claim they have guaranteed returns. 1% daily, 25% weekly… sort of like that. The payouts are the results of new investors coming in. When money that comes in slows down, payments stop and the scheme collapses. The perpetrators run away with your money, and after a while, they start new Ponzi schemes again. The cycle repeats.

      Yes, Bittrex is one of the most popular exchanges in the cryptocurrency markets. I’m using it and I recommend it.

  • maria rosela ricamara says:

    haist mali ang pagjoin ko sa coins.ph sobrang bagal nila magreply sa mga questions plus magagastusan ka pa… if you have banks or mga system like gcash dun na lang kayo magbayad ng mga bills nyo kesa idaan sa coins.ph kasi magagastusan lang kyo pagload nga lang tru 7-11 babawasan na agad ng 30+ ganun din pag ngcash out ka dame pa kung anu anung requirements para makaabot k sa limit nila ng pag cash out pera ko di ko mailabas kainis lang tlg!

  • Rich Bruce says:

    I have been using coins.ph for a few years now and have been very happy with their service. However, I have few words of caution:

    NEVER leave more than you can afford to loose in your coins.ph wallets. Store your main bitcoin in an off-line wallet like Mycelium (cellphone) or Electrum (PC). Store your main PHP in a bank or somewhere else safe. If coins.ph gets hacked or they decide to do a runner, you could loose all you have there.

    Coins.ph fees (their spread) is expensive compared to most other online exchanges, although they are reasonably competitive with other Philippines exchanges. Do not use coins.ph for trading (speculating on) bitcoin. Use one of the many other on-line exchanges that have fees a fifth to a tenth of coins.ph.

  • Sparc Lim says:

    Hi, is coins ph a business proposal or a service provider?


  • Bet says:


    I just want to clarify. If i buy bitcoins and just leave them in the app, does that entail that the value will also rise and fall depending on bitcoin’s performance or will the bitcoin value stay stagnant to how much they were purchased?
    Hope to hear from you soon!


  • Leo says:

    Hi! Thank you for this review. I would like to hear your insights about bitbond.com. I read great reviews about this for investment and would like to try and add a little bit of my investment fund to expand my portfolio (around 2%). Your blog helped me a lot specially in stock investing and i think that your suggestion would be much appreciated

    • Hi Leo, from the looks of the site, it seem to look as a bitcoin lending platform.

      I can’t really say if this is legit or not. Because of the proliferation of HYIPs and Ponzi schemes centered on bitcoin payments, I would advise to be cautious on this.

      The best way to make money on BTC is to either trade them on bitcoin exchanges or hodl. There’s also another way. If you know how to trade, then why don’t you try trading the BTCUSD pair in the forex market? BTC is volatile and I’m sure you’ll find tons of good trading setups from there.

    • BTW, if you like to trade the BTCUSD pair in the forex market, here’s a broker that I would recommend, Pepperstone. Link –>> https://goo.gl/WA66Wh

  • mark says:

    having problems with coins.ph
    already bought load. recieved sms from +63917773692* saying i got the load from coins.
    checked balance, nothing
    customer support unresponsive.

  • mark says:

    coins.ph is techincally not the best. biased post.
    you can say it is the only site you can actually buy btc/sell easily in ph

  • MnM says:

    coins.ph is just wallet right? It won’t raise your money nor your bitcoin?

  • Erwin says:

    Hi Sir, Pwede ba akong bumili ng BTC dito? Can I just buy and hold my BTC, a sort of savings or investment hoping to, ride the much hyped projection of 500KUSD = 1 BTC in 2020, kunwari?

  • Ruthsel says:

    I am very much happy with coins.ph service maasahan siya talaga
    Salamat at nalaman ko eto its a big big help sa buhay mo everyday iloveu coins???

  • Kupal Lord says:

    Wow coins.ph ang laki nyo kumaltas sa sending bitcoin to bitcoin address hanep! sinasamantala ang digital currency nice. di pa nakuntento sa palitan sa kanila..

  • Grace says:


    If I sell my BTC wallet to PH wallet and cash-out, is there any processing fee? I saw your screenshot and I was wondering if there are any hidden fees, else how does coins.ph make a profit out of this?

    Thanks in advance.

  • Orl says:

    Hi po @ The Investing Engineer PH, using android saan po ba makikita yung personal link ng coin.ph na pwedeng magamit as referral.haha, Thanks

  • ava says:

    hi, nice blog!

    Question – is it possible to transfer funds directly from foreign bank account to my coins.ph account?

  • jermaine says:

    mahal magpadala ng bitcoin sa coins.ph

  • Ronskie says:

    No BDO option for Pay In and Pay out. BDO online banking lang meron ako.. What are the other ways to fund for OFW.

  • JDR says:

    Hello Investing Engineer,

    I used your link but so far I haven’t received any 50 peso reward. I already did the level 2 verification but I still need to wait for 3 business days. I am not sure if approved because I did not scan my SSS ID but just took pics of the front and back. Then the selfie was kinda hard to take because my SSS ID kept reflecting the light. I hope I will get approved.

  • Mary says:

    question lang po. magssimula pa lang po ako nang account sa coins.ph. I’d just like to know more what are the prons and cons of this facility.

    “Bitcoins are also unregulated. If Coins goes under and you have a significant amount of money in your account, there’s a possibility that you might not get it back – or maybe just partially. Currently, there aren’t any laws ​protecting bitcoin users from such events.”

    Can you explain it more po? TIA

  • Randell G Sales says:

    Hello The Investing Engineer Ph, I’m currently using a softwallet exodus to store my crypto currencies.. I want to exchange my btc to some omisego using that platform, however I couldn’t exchange it because the status is always showing “temporarily unavaible”. It has stayed like that for more than a month now, I checked online and saw another softwallet that has the ability to do exchange called Jaxx.. do you have any experience with that softwallet that you can share with me?

    My question in summary:
    1. do you have experience using Jaxx softwallet? if yes, what is your experience with it, is it safe?
    2. do you know any other softwallet where I can exchange my btc to omisego?

    thank you and looking forward to your response.

    • Hi Randell,

      I’m familiar with them but don’t have any experience using them. Medyo techy na kasi gamitin yan pero you have more control because you hold the private keys and seed keys of your wallets.

      I think sa reddit, marami ka information na makukuha dun regarding exodus and jaxx.

  • ernie says:

    marc good pm ask kolang kung pano e tranfer btc from coinf.ph to binance exchange,tnx

  • vicky says:

    Ask ko lang pano kung nawala cp pano maglogin at syempre bago dn ang sim gaya ko

  • marcie says:

    Hi everyone! I’ve been using coins.ph for almost three months now, and I use it mainly to pay monthly bills and to top up my phone. So far, I’m quite satisfied with how it works. It’s fast and reliable. It saved me time from going to bayad centers and waiting in long queues. However, I’ve noticed that although it only charges like 10% on top of every amount that I would like to cash in, it does not guarantee that one can really “earn/profit” from this because a “commission” of 10% everytime you top up your phone will simply not compensate for the 10% charge.

  • Gladys says:

    Gud pm . Sa pagbayad ng meralco bills kelangan po ba within the due date o kahit lagpas n sa due date? Ty po..

  • John Arvin Sagun Juta says:

    Is there an update to this app?, I have read various comment on this app on play store, they are bashing it because of the update of the app removed the load promos that it has on the previous version.

  • Vince says:

    Hi, any idea regarding bitcoin wallet thru coins.ph, palagay natin magclose ang coins.ph yung bang wallet ko mawawala din? Or nandiyan parin sa bitcoin ledger?

    • Dahil hindi mo hawak ang private keys ng wallet mo, considered na yan as lost as per my understanding sa blockchain tech. Nasa ledger pa rin yung bitcoins pero dahil wala yung private keys sa possession mo, lost na yan.

      About sa safety naman ng funds, hindi ko kabisado yung terms of use nila pero they specifically mentioned na hindi sila financial institution kagaya ng banko na may proteksyon ang accounts (PDIC).

      Magsasara lang naman sila kung mapatunayan na sila ay engaged sa scam or Ponzi Scheme which is highly unlikely.. Money remittance business ang Coinsph if I’m not mistaken. And siguro if ever na magcease na sila ng operations, I’m pretty sure na magiinform sila on how to liquidate yung funds ng mga users.

      • Jayson says:

        agree sir. di basta2 mag clo2se ang coins.ph na walang mabigat na rason. In fact kumikita sila sa coinspro sa taas ng difference ng bid at ask. Sana lang mabilis mag update yung platform kasi minsan nahuhuli sya compared to other trading platform like bitstamp or kraken.

        madami ng gumamit ng coins.ph para manguto at mang scam sa messenger ng kikita ka kono ng malaki in a short span of time deposit doon deposit dito lalo na noong 2017 kung saan nag sky rocket ang BTC/USD. Sir tanong ko lang, pano ba ina accumulate ng coinspro yung prices ng cryptocurrencies? bat parang late ang coinspro mag update ng prices compared to other platform po.

  • Rochelle A. Olandesca says:

    hi, its better to have your bitcoins managed by cryptocurrency brokers. It’s more reliable and increase your investment from three months up, for they’re expert in tradings. Has a little cost but its worth it, and you can also withdraw anytime.

  • Jhux says:

    Fantastic! I will try here in UAE

  • Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Hello, for people who would like to buy and sell bitcoins anonymously and securely, you can do it at cryptoexmart .com and get paid directly to your bank account, no questions asked.

  • Mina says:

    Nasan na ung php50? I just signed up pero wala naman.

  • Mina says:

    Asan na ung php50? I just signed up.

  • Rox Correa says:

    I got an email from coins.ph that I received BTC from them but it’s not showing on my wallet. Do I have to do anything?

  • Em says:

    I would recommend Coins.ph. I have been using Coins.ph for my small business. They have improved very much as of today. Especially on cryptocurrency trading, they already have Coins PRO!

  • Dhally says:

    Ask q lng.pano q makukuha ung lian q s tala.eh dto q inaddress.

  • Lyzander Allen says:

    I just want to ask if putting your money in coins.ph or coins.pro is safe enough for a short period of time?

    thanks for answering to my query.

  • jebie says:

    hi there..share ko lang yung problem ko..nag cash in kasi ako kahapon worth 5700 pesos from gcash to coins.ph, until now hindi ko parin nareceived yung funds ko..pero sa gcash complete transaction na sa kanila..paano ba yan?ang hirap kontakin nang taga coins.ph..tagal mag reply..may naibigay naman akong screenshot nang transaction history ko..please help..thank you

  • Mark Joseph says:

    bkit po hindi ko na malogin acct. ko sa coins.ph ang sabi this service is not supported ny region. dati ok nmn

  • Esther says:

    Hello! thanks for your info about the referral program of coins.ph. I also would like to help anyone that would like to teach a site that will help anyone to earn money for their coins.ph account. I used this site: https://my.dropz.xyz/?ref=50698
    I do write captcha to earn this cryptocurrency. It’s very legit. I still have been able to cashout almost every 5-10 minutes. Try it now!

  • Donniedex parrocha says:

    Hello, is coins.ph does door to door delivery of money from the US?

  • Kantoboy says:

    Pwd ba gamitin ang coin. Ph para maging reloader ng retailer load sa mga sarisari store??

  • Jerome says:

    I have a very serious issue with Coins.ph. I have a 40,000 pesos in my account. I recieve an email from coins.ph a few days ago that they have given me a bitcoin and I need to click the link they provided. So when I click the link it prompted me to the website of coins.ph. I check the website and all the contents were exactly the same so I log-in and suddenly my 40,000 pesos was gone in an instant! I and that moment I immediately checked the history and my money was converted to bitcoin and that bitcoin was sent to somewhere. The platform did not gave any notice from my email or any verification means to convert my money nor to send it to someone! I am very frustrated now coz it was a hard earned money and I trusted coins.ph on their security and not now when we are in crises due to corona virus. That was the only money that I have as savings. I already reported this to their protection team and an still waiting for their resolution. I am still hoping that I can get my money back or otherwise I will find a way to close this company for better. Is there any other government agency that I can report on this matter? I know that they are being controlled by BSP and I can also ask for help in NBI cybercrime. Please enlighten me!

    • What you opened is a phishing email. Emails like these disguise themselves as though they look legit preying on unsuspecting individuals that will fall for the scam. What happened is that you were redirected to a fake website that exactly looks like coinsph. The hackers got your username and password the moment you logged in… You were “keylogged”. Then the hackers transferred your bitcoin into another account. It could’ve been prevented if you had two-factor authentication activated.

      What you can do is to report it to the proper authorities so that the real culprit can be tracked down. As for your money, I’m not sure. I always use two-factor authentication, Coinsph has that feature as a 2nd layer of security for phishers/scammers.

      • Jerome says:

        I understand that this may be a phishing scheme but how did they got my email in the first place, how did they know that I was converting my money to bitcoin. There is really a lapse in their system. When I logged in at that moment, everything vanished in an instant! I did not confirm anything but how did they convert my money to bitcoin? How did they sent it someone when they did not gave me any message or prompt to confirm that transaction? This is really very frustrating!!!

        • john says:

          its your fault for actually clicking the link in the email. Check the sender of email if its legit and from valid.

          Also check the link when you hover.

  • Joseph says:

    Bakit di po ako makapasok sa coin pro? Sa waiting list daw po.

  • JR says:

    Coins.ph is dead, support is very slow, if any issue about money they will deactivate your account and they put you on holding list, forever!!!

  • mark benjie says:

    good day! can i ask your permission to use your blog for my project regarding in coins.ph
    and what is your name so that i can give you credit. thank you very much!

  • myrma says:


  • DP says:

    Tanong ko lang kung pwedeng mag remit ng pera through coins.ph anonymously? Is that possible? Or malalaman ba ng recepient ung personal information ng sender?

  • Jayson says:

    do you have reviews on coins.pro as well? tnx

  • Steve says:

    They say that if you are level 4 then you have an UNLIMITED annual allowance – that is factually incorrect. They show a limit of 400,000 per month – so LOGICALLY, it means the most you can cash in/out per year is 12 times that – which is 4,800,000. So they need to get their facts correct.

  • khentaru says:

    ask ko lang po pano mag print ng verification pag nag bayad ng bills

  • Rey says:

    Ask ko lng po, how can I transfer my XRP tokens to my Ledger Nano S from Coins.ph?

  • Joemar says:

    My account was deactivated because I almost sent btc to a wallet address that was reported for phising. I contacted their support team but I’m not getting any response. What should I do? I need the money on my account.

  • Jeffrey says:

    What if po after 10 years naging hundred million or even billion po yung value sa PHP ng BTC na nakatago sa Coins.ph, ma-wiwithdraw mo po ba ng buong-buo yung pera? Kung may limit po (lets say sa panahon na yun 10 million lang allowed nila annually, paano mo naman po makukuha yung rest ng pera mo? Thanks po!

    • liquidation problem ang tawag diyan. di lang sa bitcoin, kahit saan naman when you hold large sums of wealth, di mo basta-basta maiencash yan na parang nagwithdraw ka lang sa banko.
      puwede yan gawin pero di biglaan. slowly and will take years.
      you have to pay income taxes and capital gains taxes pag ginawa mo yan. it’s not a good idea kung multimillion na yan unless you want to invest it in other opportunities.
      pero if ako yan, ililipat ko lang yan sa hardware wallet para custody ko na mismo yung bitcoin. kung kailangan ko ng pera, i’ll just borrow against it, use it as a collateral,.. if that’s even possible with today’s regulation.

  • Pls.give me coins.wallet right now?ty.

  • danny says:

    Your 0.0079 BTC that you sold for 149php is now 10k php

  • Julie says:

    Ask ko lang po. Kung may chance ba na maopen ko ulit yung account ko sa coins.ph before kasi nung ansa pinas ako meron akong acct then gusto ko lang icheck kung active pa din sya but di ko na sya open. Nandto kasi ako sa abroad and yung number na nagamit ko don wala na. Is it possibel na maretrieve ko pa yung old account ko?

  • Anthony says:

    I’m interested to what happens to the Bitcoin, when used in the various payment parties
    Does it end up back at the company running Coins.ph , this would be a very profitable business model
    similar to mining Bitcoin, without the need for large mining setups

  • Janice Marcelo says:

    Gud day po pano po mgjoin sa coins.ph?

  • Babylyn says:

    Sir thank you at May ganitong review kayo.
    Bago lang po ako at nandito ako sa Hongkong. So pwede ko Pong magamit ang coin.ph dito sa Hongkong basta sa western ako mag cash in/top up ng pera? Tama po?

  • Anonymous says:

    Coins.ph is good to be true. I have made a cash out to my bank account the process should only take 10 mins but unfortunately it dodnt came thru and worse i need to wait 2 to 3 business days before it resolve and since it was friday so i have to wait another 2 days before antrhing can happen.

  • Laurence Reyes says:

    sinong pwedeng mag advice sa akin. nag cacash in po sana ako ng pera sa coins ph account ko through western union. hindi ko po namalayan lumampas po sa 50k limit ang naipadala ko.. ngayon po kailangan ko pa iverify and address ko sa coins ph.para tuaas ang cash in limits ko sa coins ph. now its suturday so kailangan ko pa maghintay ng mga 3 business days para ma verfy ang adress ko para ma accept yung pera ko…Guys may nakaka alam ba o naka experinced narin ba sa inyo? hindi kaya mawawala yung pera ko habang naka hold sa western union? guys pahelp naman po…salamat po ng marami..

  • Jayvee says:

    Naka register po ba ang coinsph sa SEC

  • April says:

    Hi, hope you can still read this comment.. I have a friend who is trying to transfer money to my bpi account. She tried sending the money on Friday morning march12, and was given an eta of March15 6pm.how come that it will take 3days to transfer the funds? I thought it will be fast just like the other wallet or bank app.

  • Beverly ann callit says:

    Kng magchange number po aq sa coins mawawala po ba ung pera q sa dating number q po?,,thank u,,

  • kenneth says:

    hi po. ask lang po akong kung anong maximum size wallet amount ng coinsph/ maximum amount na pwede ma pundo sa coinsph wallet

  • Aris Dimaunahan says:

    Hi there, a hacker wants to be paid thru coins.ph via BITCOIN. Is it safe? He wants to be paid here in exchange for the hacked IG ACCOUNT. If I use this app, would it be possible na ma hack naman bank accounts? Thank you very much and stay safe everyone.

  • Ann says:

    Hi Sir,

    I helped a friend buying BTC worth 250k pesos and coins ph asked me for some verification. I scheduled a Viber call with them and after answering their questions, they asked me also for some documents. Kaso po ni asked din po sila ng documents ko from Binance which is personal account ko an po un. They are asking ng email address, running balance, trading platform name, and wallet address. So, for me medyo suspicios po kc hindi an nila sakop ung Binance account ko. Any thought po dito, Sir? Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

    • Maybe part ng KYC yan just to make sure na di ka naglalaunder ng pera. Decentralized ang nature ng BTC pero regulated ng BSP ang mga BTC exchange/remittance sa atin (which is good), kaya it’s no surprise for me kung hingan ka ng mga ganyang information for them to see saan nangaggaling yung pera na minomove using coins’ platform.

      • Leody says:

        Hindi po kaya parang nawawala na yung purpose ng “decentralized” kapag lahat ng substancial transactions haharangin?

        parang lumang way na po kasi yang ganyan na laging ginagawang excuse yung suspicion ng illegal activity para lang ma invade ang privacy ng individual. isang reason din po yata ng btc is para sa “tao” at hindi kontrolado ng “gubyerno”.

  • rmy says:

    ask.ko.lanhg po..may.nag send.po kasi.ng 2000$ sa coins.pero.sabi.need ko.muna.magcash.in.ng 3k para sabitcoin bago.daw mag appear sa wallet.ko.ung pera is that true.ot.scam

  • Kent says:

    good day po! ask ko lang po pwede po ba mag transfer nang crypto from coins.ph to other wallet kahit na d po fully verify ang coins.ph.
    salamat po.

  • Julie Franz Lachica says:

    When someone wants to send money to me, Do I need to fund my coin.ph wallet Worth php6000 so that they could send money to me?

  • Irene says:

    Hi po
    Nagtransfer po asawa ko ng pera from Gcash to Coins. Ph po tpos ang ginamit nya pong email and number sa pag sign in sa Coins.Ph po same po sa Gcash acct po… Ang nangyare po lahat ng tinransfer nyang pera from Gcash to Coins.Ph po bigla lng pong nawala lahat… Tpos may nag txt nlang po bigla na nag you have successfully sent ganito gnyan na wla nman pong ginawa nag transfer lng ng pera dun tpos biglang nawala ang pera po… Possible po ba na Na hack po yung Account pls pasagot po plss I really need to get back my money pra po sa panganganak ko po yung pera

  • Romanito says:

    Good day po, ask ko nag buy ako ng XRP worth 5,200.00 @ 84.00 per rate. Nagtaka ako ang pumasok sa coins.ph wallet ko from gcash is 4,800 lang. Bat may bawas na.

    • Jhan says:

      Hello po,iba po ang rate ng buy and sell po sa crypto coins po. Mas mataas po ang buy kaysa sa sell. Meaning for example nagbuy ka @84 sa xrp ,kapag nag convert ka pabalik sa php or shall we say sell mas mababa na po ang rate. And isa pa po, nag iiba po ang price ng crypto coins po every minute..sana nakatulong.

  • ergie says:

    magtatanong lang po, may magpapadala po sa akin ng bitcoin sa bitcoin wallet ko. May kalakihan po kasi, may requirements po ba na hihingin sa aking si coins ph

    • Wala naman na yata basta KYC approved ka. If ever na iflag yung account mo as suspicious activity, talk to them and provide them the nature and details of that transaction. Basta maprove mo na hindi ka gumagawa ng illegal at nagvviolate ng ToS nila sa mga Bitcoin transactions mo, you’ll be fine.

  • Jeng says:

    Questions po sana…
    1. Covered po kaya ng Insurance si Coins.Ph if ma hack sila?
    2. Same thing po if mag sara ang Coins.ph. maibalik po kaya ang mga bitcoins ng mga tao?

    Comment: Sana mag ka option na we can have custody of our private keys.


    • 1. Hindi yata sila covered ng PDIC kasi hindi naman sila bangko.
      2. Magsasara lang sila kapag ninakaw yung bitcoin reserves nila either from hacking or mismo sila-sila talo-talo na. 🙂 In any case if that happens, wala na din yung bitcoin mo sigurado.
      3. Puwede ka naman magsarili ng custody ng private keys. Gumawa ka ng wallet mo sa apps like Coinomi, Trustwallet etc., then buy Bitcoin on coinsph then ilipat mo simple as that.

      • Jeng says:

        Thanks sir sa sagot. katakot din pala kasi pag tumakbo yung CEO ng coins.ph limas ang bitcoin na nag tiwala sa kanila. nangyari pa sa turkey yesterday lang kaya napabalik ako dito sa question ko.


        ni try ko nga po mag transfer papunta dun sa wallet na balak ko i self custody pero ang mahal po haha.. almost 3k pesos isang transfer yun na po yung pinaka mura.

        follow up question po sana. sa Coinomi, Trustwallet po ba pede mag purchase ng BTC using Philippine credentials? me alam po ba kayo ?

        THanks po ulit.

  • Nanz Imperial says:

    I’m a first time user and someone set it up for me to convert my peso to ethereum, now I’m trying to withdraw some of my profit from ethereum but the system is not allowing to do any transactions saying it is temporarily unavailable. I have reached out to their help center they said they’re already working on it, it’s been a month now and they still say the same thing…

  • NT says:

    Would you still recommend coins.ph as a btc wallet today?

  • victoria oasay says:

    cannot update until now its almost 2weeks still updating

  • Anna says:

    hello po totoo po ba na pwedeng mag invest sa mismong coin ph po?

  • I would like to use my coins ph account for my eloading bussiness

  • Bernadette comia says:

    I've enough funds in my coinsph but when I try to send my money as bitcoin to my friends bitcoin wallet address, as the transaction process is going on, it'll show insufficient fund while I've enough money to carry out the transaction…may I know why and what to do now because its urgent

  • Bernadette comia says:

    I've enough funds in my coinsph but when I try to send my money as bitcoin to my friends bitcoin wallet address, as the transaction process is going on, it'll show insufficient fund while I've enough money to carry out the transaction…may I know why and what to do now because its urgent

  • Leny says:

    Hi ask ko lang po bakit kailangan kung mag input lagi ng mga mobile number, password, verification code, pin 2x at mag scan ng fingerprint ko sa tuwing mag lalog in sa coins app, Hindi ba pwedeng pasimplehin iyong paglog in? thank you po sa sagot.

    • Puwede mo naman pasimplihin – disable mo lahat ng security features.., pero pag nahack ka, wala ka ng habol diyan sorry ka na lang. crypto yan madam kaya ganyan kahigpit ang security para sa ikapapanatag mo na rin in case na manakaw or mawala yang phone mo.

  • hi. i have a chat mate from us. he send me 1200 dollars trhough coin.ph.. but then when i op3n my email. it said that i nid to pay 880 pesos for opening my international money transfer so that i can recieve the miney my chatmate send me. is thia for real. i have to oay 880 pesos for juat opening my international money transfer

  • Mark says:

    The cash in/cash-out limits is confusing. Level 3 shows unlimited for the monthly and annual, while level 4, which has the customized option, is limited to only 5M max for the monthly and annual. Is this correct? Level 4 should have been superior than level 3 as we opt for a higher transaction, right?

  • Pete says:

    coins.ph seems to go go bankrupt!
    They earn 20 % of mobile load – and starting from NNOV15,2021 they only give 0.25% to their mebers for mobile load!
    What a pity!
    We trusted coins.ph that they would give at least 5%/10% of their commission worth 20%+ received from the mobile carriers to their customers.

    NOW (starting NOV15, 2021) coins.ph is just giving 0.25 PHP / 10.00 PHP to their customers – it´s a shame!

    coins.ph merged to an octopus, which is sucking out poor sari sari store owners.

    It´s so poor, what coins.ph is doing now!

  • Carl says:

    Do I need to click mark as paid in Bitcoin cash transaction, I withdraw my BCH in binance to my coins ph, please help

  • T says:

    A total waste of time
    A total waste of time. UDDER BS. almost 1 month to verify. then they wont allow you to choose how much you wish to spend. THEY limit how much you can send. W….T…F.. One Bitcoin is about 2.7m but after they reviewed everything i sent they said sorry sir your only allowed 1.7m even tho I clearly have enough money in my bank account to buy whatever the f i want. Now i use Gemini. NO BS LIMITS. 10 mins to sign up, with FULL ACCESS.

  • >