June 8, 2015

Last March 2015, I came across the free e-book of Bo Sanchez titled “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.. and Why You Should Too.” while browsing stuff related to extra income opportunities.

I started to read it and halfway to the pages, it already gave me a whole new perspective on how to manage and grow my money through investment opportunities on the stock market.

That particular day jump started my hunger for financial literacy. After two months of reading and absorbing all sorts of investing information, I finally decided that it’s time to take control of my financial future and start to build my wealth.

The Stock Market Is My Road To Financial Freedom

I chose the stock market because for me, it’s the easiest to comprehend and do based on the fact that you can do this investment vehicle on the Internet using an online stockbroker firm.

And for that matter, I started this blog so that I can share my investing experiences in the stock market in the hopes of providing information to newbie investors like me.

I hope that this blog will serve its purpose and give me the motivation to travel the road to financial freedom.

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About the author 

The Investing Engineer

Mark is an Engineer by profession, a serial entrepreneur, finance blogger, a stock market value investor and a long-time member of the Truly Rich Club. Through investing in the Philippine Stock Market, He was able to build wealth from the comfort of his own home with the goal of retiring young and rich.

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