May 9, 2018

Have you ever been a boss? You know, someone who owns a business---CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk? Or your Uncle who runs a computer shop next door, someone like your neighbor who owns that barbershop you frequent monthly?

What if I tell you that you can be like them in the next 24 hours---would you believe me?

I’m not kidding. You can actually be one. Right now.

But before I tell you how, let me ask you something.

What does it mean to be a businessman/businesswoman?

If we’re going to be real basic about it, it’s someone who owns property, operation, or structure that makes them money. Simple, right?

Let’s say I have some money in stocks and cryptocurrency right now. After 6 months, my initial investment doubles. By our definition, I’m technically a “businessman”. I earned money through some form of operation, which is investment in stocks and crypto. My money is my employee---it worked hard to make me more of it.

Forget about that relic definition you have of what being a businessman means. It’s time to expand your horizon. It’s time to break free from old dogma that you can only earn through working. Being paid by the hour.

That’s absolute nonsense.

 And it’s costing you money. If others can do it, so can you.
passive income ideas 2018

Here’s our top Passive Income ideas to help you get started. Ready? Let’s go make some money.

#1 Rental Properties

passive income ideas 2018

#2 Cryptocurrency Mining & Masternodes

passive income ideas 2018

#3 Build or Buy Websites

passive income ideas 2018

#4 Peer-to-Peer Lending

passive income ideas 2018

#5 Dividend Investing: Buy Dividend Stocks

passive income ideas 2018

#6 Crowdfunded Real Estate & REIT

passive income ideas 2018

#7 High-Yield Savings Accounts

passive income ideas 2018

#8 Royalties

passive income ideas 2018

#9 Sell Digital Products

passive income ideas 2018

#10 Become a Silent Business Partner or Buy an Existing Business

passive income ideas 2018

#11 Low-Maintenance Business Ideas & Outsourcing

passive income ideas 2018

About the author:

Amiel Pineda is a business and finance columnist at Grit PH, where he authored this massive list of 100+ profitable small business ideas in the Philippines.

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