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3 Simple Steps To Achieve Financial Intelligence


Back in 2001, I remember a schoolmate of mine who introduced me in Multi-Level Marketing business or MLM. It was the very first time that I heard of such system that makes people rich despite of not having a good educational background. There I saw jeepney drivers, maids, former employees, janitors, and all sorts of […]


I Choose COL Financial As My Stockbroker

col financial

When you decide to invest in the stock market, you will need someone to buy and sell stocks for you. That’s when stockbrokers come into play. There are many stockbrokers which you can choose from but in this post, I decided to try COL Financial’s trial account. This broker is the one most Filipino investors prefer […]


My Journey Begins: The Road To Financial Freedom

financial freedom

Last March 2015, I came across the free e-book of Bo Sanchez titled “My Maid Invests in the Stock Market.. and Why You Should Too.” while browsing stuff related to extra income opportunities. I started to read it and halfway to the pages, it already gave me a whole new perspective on how to manage and […]

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