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Intrinsic Value Of HVN (Golden Bria Holdings, Inc.)

hvn stock analysis

In this post, I will discuss about Golden Bria Holdings, Inc. (HVN). A reader asked me about my take on HVN. Personally, I’ll avoid this stock for now. It’s hugely overvalued. I’ll explain why. Hi Mark, First of all, I want to thank you for creating a value investing blog here in the Philippines. Your analysis really […]


PERA – The First Step To A Wealthier Retirement

Personal Equity and Retirement Account

Filipinos are a hardworking society, always ready to log long hours of work for the benefit of their families. Seeing the parents, siblings and children enjoy the fruits of their labor is a source of happiness and pride. Typically, one would save up for a home, a car, children’s education and the ever present celebration […]


Investing In Retail Treasury Bonds Supports Nation-Building

retail treasury bonds

Every Php 5,000 investment made in retail treasury bonds (RTBs) makes a difference for the country. According to the Bureau of the Treasury (BOTr), the government agency responsible for issuing RTBs, a retail investor capable of allotting a minimum amount of Php 5,000 can positively influence as every peso invested in RTBs is used to fund […]


How OFWs Earn Extra Cash To Send Home

BDO Kabayan

play Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are well known multi-taskers, performing several duties at the same time. This delicate balancing act requires not just skills but a deep sense of commitment and focus to make life better for their loved ones. This perhaps is best illustrated in “Europe”, a short film by BDO Kabayan, about a female […]


Intrinsic Value Calculation Series: TEL, URC, JFC (Pt. 4)

intrinsic value

Hi Value Investing fans! Here’s the 4th part of my Intrinsic Value calculation series. This post will discuss about the next three PSE stocks in our list; TEL, JFC and URC. For the previous posts, you can find them here; ​Intrinsic Value Calculation Series: SM, SMPH, ALI (Pt. 1)​​​ ​​Intrinsic Value Calculation Series: BDO, AC, BPI (Pt. […]

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