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12 Undervalued Stocks That Pass The Graham Number And How You Can Profit From It


If you read the book the Intelligent Investor, then I guess you’re already familiar with Chapter 14: Stock Selection for the Defensive Investor, where he discussed his famous “Graham number”. You’ve probably realized that if you follow the criteria of the Defensive Investor, you’ll not find many stocks that’ll pass the screening. We can, however, tweak this […]


[WATCH] COL Financial Market Outlook 2018

col financial

The videos from COL Financial Market Outlook 2018 held last January 20, 2018 has now been released. The event was divided into a 6-part video and you can watch them all below. Part 1: Keynote Speaker Richard Heydarian Mr. Richard Heydarian gives his keynote speech and talks about the government’s foreign policy, our political & […]


This Is How Jollibee Stock Will Look Like In 10 Years Time

jollibee stock review

If you’re unsure of your Jollibee stock investments, this post will help you see through the growth possibilities of the company 10 years from now. Whether you’re looking forward to buy this stock for the first time, add an existing position or take profits, this post is definitely for you. We’ll look into JFC’s earnings, rate of […]


Manila Mining Corporation Stock Analysis And Opinion

manila mining corporation stock analysis

Mr. Anonymous here is asking the main reason why Manila Mining Corporation’s (MA) stock price dropped. He doesn’t know why. In this post, I’ll share my fundamental and technical view on this, and my opinion of owning its shares. Hello Sir Mark, please keep my identity anonymous. I follow your blog both online and via the […]


Here’s What I Can Say About CEX.IO. review

For those who are looking for alternatives on where to buy Bitcoin especially the ones who are not residing in the Philippines (OFWs) or having problems with Coins.PH, I would recommend CEX.IO. In this post, I’ll give a short overview of the exchange and reasons why you should consider buying Bitcoins at this exchange. So here’s my […]