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[WATCH] COL Financial Market Outlook 2018

The videos from COL Financial Market Outlook 2018 held last January 20, 2018 has now been released. The event was divided into a 6-part video and you can watch them all below.

Part 1: Keynote Speaker Richard Heydarian

Mr. Richard Heydarian gives his keynote speech and talks about the government's foreign policy, our political & economic relations to US, Russia & China and its effects to our stock market.

Part 2: COL Retail Investor Sentiment

Mr. Ed Martinez, Head of COL Premium briefly talks about the overall sentiment of the market based on COL's clients.

Part 3: Fundamental and Technical Outlook

Mr. Juanis Barredo, Chief Technical Analyst, and Ms. April Tan, Head of Research talks about where the market is now and where it's headed fundamentally and technically.

Part 4: COL Stock Picks

HIGHLIGHTS: Ms. April and Mr. Juanis discussed thier stock picks which are listed below including the fair value and buy below prices.

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    ALI. Fair Value - P53.07. Buy Below Price - P46.15
  • check
    MEG. Fair Value - P6.33. Buy Below Price - P5.50
  • check
    BLOOM. Fair Value - P14.60. Buy Below Price - P12.70
  • check
    MBT. Fair Value - P120.00. Buy Below Price - P104.00
  • check
    DNL. Fair Value - P12.70. Buy Below Price - P11.00
  • check
    AC. Fair Value - P1,158.00. Buy Below Price - P1,006.00
  • check
    PIZZA. Fair Value - P16.30. Buy Below Price​​​​ - P14.10
  • check
    AP. Fair Value - P52.00. Buy Below Price - P45.00
  • check
    SCC. Fair Value - P47.25. Buy Below Price - P41.00

Apart from these, Mr. Juanis mentioned some stocks in the video worth looking at based on technicals so you should also check them out.

Part 5: Top Requested Stocks

HIGHLIGHTS: The other top requested stocks discussed in Part 5 are also listed below. Explanations to the valuations and the technicals are also discussed in the video.

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    SMPH. Fair Value - P42.00. Buy Below Price - P36.50
  • check
    BDO. Fair Value - P145.00. Buy Below Price - P126.00
  • check
    MER. Fair Value - P371.00. Buy Below Price - P323.00
  • check
    JFC. Fair Value - P257.00. Buy Below Price - P223.00
  • check
    MPI. Fair Value - P8.94. Buy Below Price - P7.70
  • check
    FGEN. Fair Value - P27.60. Buy Below Price - P22.00
  • check
    TEL. Fair Value - P2,210.00. Buy Below Price - P1,921.00
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    URC. Fair Value - P142.00. Buy Below Price - P113.00

Part 6: Audience Questions

Ms. April and Mr. Juanis entertains questions from the audience and gives practical advice on stock investing in general.

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